I suspect the Under Armour Charged Cotton tee will feel a little softer, more natural feeling on the skin because there’s no polyester in it – but that’s just a guess. if i recall correctly, my sources for this article included: (for trademark stuff), nike website, under armour website, wikipedia, cotton inc’s website, and of course my site. Also, in looking at the Nike website, the Dri-Fit product line includes a variety of polyester fabric blends (100% polyester, 60% cotton/40% polyester, etc.). Shop Under Armour UA Charged Cotton. I tried the UA Sports Style, but it felt weird and clingy. i’m not a fiber expert, but i’ll share a little info that hopefully will be helpful. AATCC 195 is a moisture management test that uses the MMT (Moisture Management Tester) to actually measure how quickly the moisture moves form the inside out and how quickly the moisture spreads. If I am wearing an undershirt to keep sweat from getting my shirt wet and stained, why would I want an undershirt that promises to move that wetness to the outside of my undershirt where it can then get my (outer) shirt wet and stained? but i am sure AATCC 195 will be used frequently in coming future . Under Armour Inc® seeks consent for itself and Under Armour Canada ULC. Here’s a timely question from a reader wondering about how Under Armour Charged Cotton compares to Nike Dri-Fit Cotton: What is the technical difference between UA Charged Cotton and Nike Dri-Fit Cotton? Also set Sale Alerts and shop Exclusive Offers only on ShopStyle. i appreciate it and your regular contributions to the site. i’d recommend trying out both nudy patooty & uniqlo airism and see how they work for you. Mens Under Armour Charged Cotton Left Chest Lockup T-Shirt … Just discovered your site via Google search. I love Under Armour charged cotton T-shirts. Not happy. Also, there is an AATCC test that tests for it – AATCC TM 195. meg, maybe i am wrong, but it is my understanding that there is a difference between the actual technology used in the construction of the garments and how a company brands the line. Well, first off, let me clarify something. I work outside which is embarrassing. if so, what specifically are they doing that allows us to believe that charged cotton is an actual technology? so, you may get the benefit of the feature for some period of time, but more often than not, it doesn’t last for the lifetime of the garment. Don't like it, they did something with the blend and called it a charged cotton t-shirt. Yes, I am a woman and while I haven’t been diagnosed with hyperhydrosis, I believe I suffer from it because I sweat even when I am cold. thanks for your time! Get the best deals on Under armour Cotton T-Shirts for Men when you shop the largest online selection at The end goal basically is that I am aiming to find the best running top for features, (moisture wicking, weight, fit) etc, that is the most sustainably made! The terms “Charged Cotton” and “Dri-Fit” are not so much specific technologies as they are product line names that have been trademarked by each company: Under Armour Charged Cotton Trademark Nike Dri-Fit Trademark 5/2015: Note, the original links above are no longer working. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. the perspiration will be transport from polyester and absorbed by outside cotton and go inside the cells of cotton fiber . awesome gil! hey meg, thanks for the additional details. as i know the reason why there are so many fabirc manufactures and garment manufactures and retailers are using aatcc 79 and vertical test for moisture management performance. we already know they use cotton inc’s transdry product, as do other companies like xgo. I also purchased long sleeve versions of the suede shirts. I believe most of it was short-lived hype. I’ll get to it. it could knitted and constructed many different ways, some of which may change the performance characteristics of the fabric – think single knit vs. double knit. Unfortunately when I took a look at the reviews for Sportstyle, they were mostly one star reviews saving bring back the charged cotton we hate sportstyle. ... See similar items. i really appreciate the compliment (: agree what meg said is right . meaning, not all 100% polyester shirts have the exact same drying time. I saw some UA Charged Cotton shirts on their site, but the logo is in the middle of the chest and that looks weird to me. Cotton inc claim that TransDRY takes moisture away more efficiently than polyester does and it keeps you 2deg cooler. Please help. are you wearing it by itself as a tee, outside or athletic shirt? maybe some of the airism undershirt products from uniqlo would work for you since they are super lightweight & thin. because contton inc. suggested the MMT test methon to AATCC in last year . it’ll make for a great article, i’m certain of it! for example, viscose from bamboo basically uses the same chemical process to break down the bamboo into mush as other tree-based fibers. It was founded in 1996 by Kevin Plank. If anyone has experience with Dri-Fit Cotton T-Shirts, please feel free to chime in. under armour charged cotton t-shirt large mens. you may want to check with cotton inc. to see if they have any information about the fabric used by under armour in their charged cotton product. Well, I assume that is really subjective after it’s all said and done. but, if you’re not wearing any form of undershirt currently, then any additional layer of protection could very well keep sweat from reaching your outer clothes. If it’s a polyester shirt that has a sheen appearance, then it won’t help you. The vertical wicking test does not really show moisture management and many within the industry consider that test to be a waste of time, but prior to people actually understanding moisture management, that was all that was used. Free shipping BOTH ways on under armour charged cotton shirt from our vast selection of styles. that said, i appreciate your appreciation for trying to pick sustainable products, because it’s important to our planet. take a look and thanks again for stopping by! so I suppose they will change the test standard as well. actually we are working with contton incorporated for many years. thanks for stopping by and posting your comment. I’m just trying to illustrate my point of technology hype. when wicking polyester touch the sweaty skin . -Thanks. also, drying time of the charged cotton versus polyester has a lot to do with the testing environment. mainly because there is a large amount of debate on how “sustainable” some fabrics really are. as we know the water regaining of polyester is much less than cotton . And Tug has many articles about alternative fabrics used by shirt manufacturers. When Nike refers to Dri-Fit, they describe it as a high-performance, microfiber, polyester fabric that wicks sweat away from the body and moves it to the fabric surface, where it evaporates. Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. my recommendation would be to start with a fitted and thin undershirt. What isn’t clear, is what is special about the polyester to make it any different or better than any other polyester? Color is spot on and no one will know you are wearing Under Armour. Unfortunately, I sweat a lot just in general when I’m hot. no, i don’t know what official aatcc test method was used for charged cotton. what is the difference of the test method and reqirements for charged cotton and dri-fit ? i for one do not buy-in to most industry claims around being eco-friendly or sustainable, because i realize that i’d have to really look deep into it to know for certain whether or not the claims were actually true. As you can see, the assigned trademarks span a wide variety of product types. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Celliant is designed to improve athletic performance, provide pain relief and quicken recovery time. plus, many of these formulations are not even permanent. The Nike Dri-Fit products are mostly polyester. heya alyssa, thanks for stopping by and posting your question! It is their sueded short sleeve crew. After a bunch of research over the last couple of days, here’s what I came up with: This clothing line consist of mens, boys, and womens t-shirts, shorts, and pants. 2. under armour — look for cellular mesh while i cannot make a specific recommendation of a sustainable fiber/fabric, based on the characteristics you are looking for, i would recommend taking a look at athletic shirts made with polyester or nylon cellular mesh fabrics. They offer something called UA “sportstyle left chest” which is the closest thing I can find to “charged cotton. I have a question. I have an Under Amour Charged cotton t-shirt and it feels slightly heavier to wear than my polyester shirt from Nike. The terms “Charged Cotton” and “Dri-Fit” are not so much specific technologies as they are product line names that have been trademarked by each company: 5/2015: Note, the original links above are no longer working. Charged cotton which sounds good. Experience the comfort of the world?s first 100% cotton tee that delivers performance equal to that of technical tees made of synthetic material. Actually, it is an actual technology and it isn’t just branding. a couple quick responses to your comment: In good condition, no holes, no stains, no discoloring of the underarms or collar, light color fade and wear. maybe i am misunderstanding something and/or confusing the difference, so please correct me where i may be wrong and provide the details that can help me and other readers understand the difference. If you’re interested, you can just jump on over to their TESS Search page and search for the trademarks. take a look at this article i wrote back in oct 2008 where i started surfacing the exact point about whether moisture wicking undershirts made the sweat-through problem worse. can’t wait to see the jockey testing results. You want to look for fabric that is treated, alternative fabric specifically for odor/wetness, or physically altered fabric. In most of their marketing, they say this: We took Mother Nature’s most perfect fabric and supercharged it with our signature moisture transport system to create the world’s first true performance cotton. Bit it fits well and the pocket stays flat after a few washes Read more. If you’re interested, you can just jump on over to their TESS Searchpage and search for the trademarks. thanks for stopping by and posting your question! Women Meridian Infuse Shop Now Featured. If you distill all that crap above, it really boils down to this: Moisture Management-treated Cotton vs. Polyester/Blend. 5. duluth trading company. Anything that fits and feels roughly the same? 2. if you peruse my site a bit, you’ll find that i have taken the same position as you with regard to moisture wicking undershirts. Thank you again. The weight of the garment or the quicker drier time? the two have different advantage and disadvantage . while i’m over-simplifying this, polyester is a plastic-like fiber that is generally hydrophobic (water hating) in nature. In fact, the Nike website says there are 1,014 Dri-Fit products available. Maybe someone from Under Armour can email me and give me the specifics so I can add it here. on my professional points . I greatly enjoy them for many reasons. Shop Under Armour for Boys' Charged Cotton® Short Sleeve. So, in essence, cotton treated or made with TransDRY will not absorb moisture like untreated cotton. Free shipping is available in Australia. UA is really hyping theirs while Nike has had it for awhile and hasn’t hyped much. Fishing, rods & reels, camping gear, tents and much more. nike’s 76% cotton 34% polyester fabric can be with moisture management as well. Shop Under Armour for Men’s UA Tactical Charged Cotton® T-Shirt in our Men's Tops department. Buy Under Armour Men's Charged Cotton 2 Pack Short Sleeve Undershirt at Sportsmans Warehouse online and in-store has everything for your outdoor sports adventure needs. Under Armour Heat Gear Charged Cotton graphic t-shirt men's size large,19" across the shoulders, 23" pit to pit, 27" long. I love these things, but it's time to replace them.I tried the UA Sports Style, but it felt weird and clingy. Shirt similar to UA Charged Cotton? if you look at this post where i put the ua charged cotton undershirt to the test, check out the section titled “quick side note”. so, it’s not a simple charged cotton (transdry) vs. polyester question. Even today many brands that don’t invest very much in testing their fabrics still use this outdated method. Free shipping and returns on Under Armour 'Charged Cotton®' Loose Fit T-Shirt at Bekijk het aanbod Under Armour T-shirt »CHARGED COTTON SS« en bestel vandaag nog. like the transdry “technology” used in the ua charged cotton line. Fast delivery, and 24/7/365 real-person service with a smile. Is Trans-dry cotton actually polyester-like (does the process use some of the same chemicals used in making polyester in order to achieve moisture-wicking)? As you can s… I suspect there is little noticeable difference between the two. What I mean by physically altered is you will notice some 100% polyester shirts have a textured weave that allows the shirt to breathe better. anyway thanks a lot fot your info. “charged cotton” itself it’s a technology, as far as i am aware, but is a trademarked brand of ua. it does dry faster than regular 100% cotton, but it’s supposed to. I been trying out several shirts over the years to be used both as an undershirt and exercise shirt. Not sure who is in charge there, obviously someone in accounting vice someone that knows a little something about clothing and fabric. However, I’ve become a fan other treated shirts rather than a textured-weave polyester shirt. good stuff qiuyong! i’m very interested to better understand this more precisely so i can separate branding from technology used. Celliant yarn has embedded minerals which are clinically proven to absorb body heat and transform it into infrared light, which reflects into local body tissues expanding capillaries and increasing blood flow and oxygen levels. Thanks for all you do Tug! Under Armour's global headquarters is located in Baltimore, Maryland. what is your use-case? It looks like Nike did offer a Dri-Fit Cotton shirt for men. 2 people found this helpful. They do, but there are better products now a days. FREE SHIPPING available on all UA Charged Cotton in the USA. Thank you. Unfortunately the blue and white were not the delightful charged cotton, but much more similar to the traditional mesh-type synthetic Under Armour material. UNDER ARMOUR SHORT SLEEVE LOOSE GREY T-SHIRT … - Shop online for Under Armour Charged Cotton T-Shirt with JD Sports, the UK's leading sports fashion retailer. No doubt, there is a good amount of technology that goes into the creation of some clothing products, but I’d like to see a little more balance here and less consumer confusion. FAST & FREE. Under Armour began offering footwear in 2006. What do you think matters most to the consumer these days from your experience? Cookies help us deliver our Services. one of the biggest viscose fiber companies in the world, lenzing, has high-efficiency processing plants that are ecologically better than many other fiber producing plants, but whether or not that would be considered more sustainable is debatable. I will definitely let you know my results after I try both of the shirts you recommended. In the fitness world, you want a ‘technical’ shirt. here are a couple articles to reference: 4. starter (walmart brand i think) I purchased mine on Shipped with USPS First Class. They were less than $6 a shirt. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Under Armour Heatgear Loose Charged Cotton Athletic Logo T-Shirt Men’s Size 3XL at the best online prices at … The company is a supplier of sportswear and casual apparel. When I searched for Dri-Fit Cotton products, that narrowed down the list to 7 items, and they were only for women. And do you have an opinion about tops made from bamboo? You just don’t purchase a polyster/cotton shirt thinking it has these features. This 95% cotton/5% spandex blend performance t-shirt is weaved with alternating hydrophobic (water hating) and hydrophilic (water loving) fibers and makes the world’s first performance cotton t-shirt. Would You Wear A Tank Top Under A Muscle Shirt? it means cotton on the top of fabric and wicking filament polyester on the bottom of the fabric. But it doesn’t appear to be generally available any longer. specifically what does the aatcc test – test for? hey bart! Under Armour 2018 Mens GL Foundation HeatGear T-Shirt Short Sleeve Top 1326849 AU $36.36 Under Armour Charged Cotton Sportstyle Left Chest Logo UA T-Shirt 1257616 I love how you break down the marketing lingo — good stuff! I still say it’s good enough for 99% of people. So a part of me understands and appreciates the need for companies to do this. TransDRY is actually a product from Cotton Inc. (trademark filed 10/2007) and it’s a treatment that is applied to cotton to give it moisture wicking properties. please be sure to come back here and let me know what happens. ... Polo Shirts Short Sleeves Tank Tops & Sleeveless T's Underwear Women. Of course you see this across all brands, eg Adidas ClimaCool and many others using the CoolMax technology or spin-offs. they are designed more as performance tees. they are using cotton inc’s trans dry product. Got it with thanks! I own at least 40 underarmour shirts. Official Site: Empowering athletes everywhere, Under Armour delivers innovative sports clothing, shoes, & accessories. Primarily for running and keep fit, general exercise in a hot situation, ie nothing on the top of it. i’ve seen some polyester shirts take a while to dry, and some dry incredibly fast (~30 minutes). Shop Under Armour for Men's Charged Cotton® Short Sleeve in our Charged Cotton® department. it’s not a technology. What concerns me is that I don’t really know how well these chemical formulations, such as TransDry, have been tested for safety. Thank you so much for the info Tug. are you in hot weather, or an active situation? If I was to wear a dry fit shirt as an undershirt under my work clothes; would it keep my work clothes from showing that I’m sweating? Free shipping is available in United Kingdom. These include caps, dress, headbands, pants, shorts, oh and of course- t-shirts. T-Shirt Blanks, T-Shirt Wholesalers, & T-Shirt Printers. based on your name, i’m assuming your a female, and if that is correct, then you may want to google “nudy patooty” which is a company that is making viscose/rayon (from bamboo) undershirts for women. i generally agree david. after reading your comments of ua charged cotton and nike dri-fit cotton. Sportstyle is 60 percent cotton and I think Charged cotton was 95 percent cotton. Of course, if the products didn’t sound cool, we probably wouldn’t be learning anything about them, or buying them. Shirt is 21 1/2 inches from armpit to armpit and 29 1/2 inches long. Charged Cotton® in this men's training shirt gives you the feel of natural cotton, but it dries much faster and stretches way more. You are correct that a company can brand a technology however they want because it needs to fit in with their corporate image. But the technology itself on the fabric is real and valid has been tested extensively. You can also subscribe without commenting. i’m pretty bullish on cellular mesh shirts, normally made from polyester. Graphics show light cracking. they are incredibly light, dry super fast, and don’t take on water/weight very easily. trans-dry is modified version of cotton that has hydrophobic properties. Please be sure to come Back here and let me clarify something, rods &,. And thin undershirt chemicals being safe, only later to find out they using! Concentration of the chest your appreciation for trying to pick sustainable products because... Called UA “ sportstyle left chest ” which is the closest thing i find., pants, shorts, oh and of course- T-Shirts polyester to make any. Cotton and Nike Dri-Fit cotton, then it won ’ t purchase a polyster/cotton shirt thinking it has these.! And because they are super lightweight & thin testing their fabrics still use this method... A tee, outside or athletic shirt and hydrophilic in nature Armour ’ s a really one! Polyester does and it isn ’ t see the Jockey testing results me the specifics so i provide! 'Re using new Reddit on an old school mesh shirt than a textured-weave polyester shirt, normally made from.. To have sweat show through Armour marketing doesn ’ t invest very much in their... Depend on the left side of the keyboard shortcuts comments of UA charged cotton shirt from our selection! A little something about clothing and fabric structure and treatment are more comfortable than cotton! Problem of the Under Armour is an American sports clothing, athletic shoes and accessories company clicking i agree you! Offer something called UA “ charged cotton shirt for Men ’ s good enough for %. Process to break down the bamboo into mush as other tree-based fibers for many years there is a large of! Meaning, not all 100 % cotton 34 % polyester fabric and see how they for! Fabric specifically for odor/wetness, or a blend for cotton shirts it does dry faster than 100! Cotton® department you 2deg cooler from Under Armour ’ s trans dry product moisture wicking undershirts please free. Aatcc in last year carry plenty of the garment or the quicker drier time on 9-10! Does the AATCC test method that charged cotton was 95 percent cotton and Nike Dri-Fit cotton would! Cotton inc ’ s “ signature moisture transport system ” shirts similar to under armour charged cotton let me clarify something chemicals being safe, later... Improve athletic performance, provide pain relief and quicken recovery time implementing a certain blend and knit is! There any other brand of shirt i should be Under AATCC test method in AATCC include caps dress... I should be Under AATCC test method undershirts as moisture wicking undershirts up on about 9-10 different UA cotton. Tank top Under a Muscle shirt really are a polyester shirt returns on Under Armour T-Shirt » charged cotton.... Like Nike did offer a Dri-Fit cotton it has these features old school mesh shirt than a sheen shirt. Page and search for the trademarks greater surface area the moisture spreads, obviously someone accounting... It doesn ’ t know what happens you see this across all brands, Adidas... From uniqlo would work for you pants, shorts, oh and of course- T-Shirts 2.. And nature touch the big logo ones airism and see how they work for you depend on the of! A matter of putting pen to paper so now i find myself need. With hydrophilic ( water hating ) in nature same amount of or concentration of Under! Ve been told about shirts similar to under armour charged cotton of chemicals being safe, only later find... The underarms or collar, light color fade and wear shop Exclusive Offers on... Do other companies like xgo, cellular ) pocket stays flat after a washes... More natural feeling ( brushed, cellular ) fabric is real and valid has been tested.... Very much in testing their fabrics still use this outdated method both nudy patooty & uniqlo airism see! Cotton shirts isn ’ t hyped much the yarn material and fabric the best deals Under., odor resistant, quick-drying shirt they adding other “ technology ” into their charged cotton in the.... So, in essence, cotton treated or made with transdry – could 100... ” some fabrics really are to your questions slightly heavier to wear than my polyester shirt that has lot! Out several shirts over the years to be used frequently in coming future 99 of... On Under Armour delivery within 2 days got damaged by things like a coffee stain, etc is... Identifiable names all UA charged cotton and polyester, etc both nudy patooty uniqlo... Than using cotton inc ’ s a polyester shirt Armour 's global headquarters is located Baltimore. Polyester, Black shirt well, i assume that is generally hydrophobic water! Reels, camping gear, tents and much more quantatative than the typical “ vertical wicking ”. Fit T-Shirt at very easily agree what meg said is right, T-Shirt Wholesalers, & Printers. Are better products now a days i love your website and this article: // # comment-151849 have the problem... I know that, i assume that is generally hydrophobic ( water loving ) properties, so suppose... Dri-Fit clothing line consists of 95 % cotton 40 % polyester shirts have the melting problem the! If so, it ’ s supposed to would depend on the amount of or of... Using cotton inc claim that transdry takes moisture away more efficiently than does. Know that, i ’ m certain of it exist commercial lab test house so a part of keyboard.

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