Divide a pile of paper into sections using Post-it Notes as you would folder tabs. Almost no living thing can survive without water. We use it to play songs, movies, games, phone call, Chatting, browsing the internet, reading news watching TV channel and many others. It is the reason we have an organic life on earth. We use these different names based on where we live and how old we are. Read on for more of what we used to call things. 17. Paint, detergents and chewing gum, things you might use daily, are byproducts of the processes companies use to turn pulp into paper. Both coal and graphite are composed primarily of carbon. High-Tech Hidden Resources If you have a computer, television or cell phone, you're using a device that contains a variety … Use a sheet for each X and O. Peel them up and play again until they lose their stickiness. How many of us remember our parents referring to the refrigerator as an icebox? We use several products of science everyday and science is pretty much involved in all our activities. Petroleum Products. There are countless gadgets and products that we use everyday and we take their design for granted. Play tic-tac-toe. You might call them different names in different parts of the country. you can do all kind of work by this type of Smartphone In daily life. This is a Scrabble GOLDMINE. Water is everywhere on our planet. If you believe you have a fantastic knowledge of vocabulary, here’s a fun, weird name for common things test to challenge you. Controlling the evolution of language is next to impossible, which is why so many brands have unintentionally found this fate. 18. Chemical Formula: H2O. Here is a summary of the things I, a 30-something lady, should be doing every day according to the internet. ... 58 Everyday Things You Never Knew Had Names. Find the right word for 18 everyday objects. 50 Everyday Words That Actually Started as Brand Names/Trademarks. A water molecule consists of one oxygen atom combined with two hydrogen atoms. Wake up early after sleeping REM sleep for 7–8 hours. Let’s check some compounds that we use in our everyday life.” 1. Smartphone made with multiple features. That being said, brace yourself. Here we see some of the many products made from petroleum, or crude oil. Oil is used as a machine lubricant, as with the 10W-40 oil. File away. There are also foreign words and even silly invented words we use in everyday conversation like tic tacs, big data, noobs, unfriend, and selfies. Water. We use smartphones anywhere & at any time. We also use technology. Cut off the sticky zone and use it as an ersatz label for travel bottles so you don’t confuse your facial cleanser with your hair gel. Here are 50 things that started just as brand names and trademarks, but now are a part of our everyday vocabulary. We hold major institutions accountable and expose wrongdoing. Check out these 30 reinvented products that greatly improve our productivity and make our lives easy. We also use it as a powder for lubrication. We use it for the 'lead' in pencils because it makes a good, but erasable, mark. However, few brilliant minds challenge the conventions and completely redesign these everyday use products. Which one do you like the most? ... the thing they use …

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