King Mackerel (aka Kingfish) Kingfish are available most of the year in our area. View Individual Rules: Click on the word icon to view the latest rule version. Transfer of Spanish mackerel to other vessels at sea is prohibited. Seasonal and per-fishing-trip limits. Open year-round. Open January – March. Distribution & Size. Common size is up to 20lbs. 15/Day. Popular with anglers looking for King Mackerel (Kingfish) fishing charters in Florida Fishing is done aboard a 22’ Cape Horn, which has an extended T-top for extra shade and a capacity for 4 persons. These fish range in size from a few pounds to well over 40 pounds. 36/05 : Final 68B-12.0035 Size Limit… The maximum size reported of the king mackerel is 72.4 inches (184 cm) and 99 pounds (45 kg). Before taking part in this fishery please call 251-861-2882 or 215-968-7576 or explore this website for updated information. Annual catch limits divided between the commercial and recreational fisheries for the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico stocks. Minimum size limit of 27” established in VA. Although there are many species of mackerel, we most frequently catch King, Cero and Spanish Mackerel in the Florida Keys. Headboats have no boat limit: 20-inch FL: For hire vessels must have a Dolphin Wahoo permit to fish for this species in federal waters. The purpose and effect of this rule development notice is to address possible rule changes in the 2010 calendar year for King Mackerel in the Gulf-Atlantic fishery as a result of stock assessments, federal regulatory actions .... 8224065: 2/5/2010 Vol. Most importantly, baitfish should be fresh. Capture a King! Mackerel prefer warmer waters and typically head south towards Ft. Myers and Cape Coral in the Fall and Winter. Florida King Mackerel Fishing Tips. Popular King Mackerel (Kingfish) Fishing Charters. ... King Mackerel (H) 24” FL. King Mackerel : 3 per person per day: 24-inch FL: For-hire vessels must have a Coastal Migratory Pelagics permit to fish for this species in federal waters. In general, schools of fish move northward along the Atlantic and Gulf Coast in the spring and make the return trip south in the fall. Size: Bag Limit: Cobia (ling) Open year-round: 36″ FL: 2 per person: Spanish Mackerel. MD has not developed regulations for king mackerel since most of the catch is outside state waters. Atlantic King Mackerel Limit Increased: The recreational bag limit for king mackerel has been increased to four fish per person per day through March 16, 2021, in all Atlantic state and federal waters from Miami-Dade through Nassau counties, Florida. Gillnets were banned in waters off Florida. A lot of tournament and charter boats put a Spanish mackerel in a spread looking for a big bite. I weighed the King Mackerel at Atlantic Bait and Tackle. 18pp. The minimum size in Florida for king mackerel is 24 inches to the fork with two fish allowed per angler per day. In North Carolina and Florida, the size limit for King Mackerel is 24 inches and anglers can keep three fish per person each day, while Spanish Mackerel limit is 12 inches and bag limit is 15 per person each day. It is not uncommon to catch your limit of Kingfish in a fairly short period of time. King Mackerel often called “Kingfish” by locals in the Keys is gray and silver in coloration and typically much larger in size than Cero and Spanish Mackerel. The Atlantic group of king mackerel off the coast of North Carolina migrates towards southeast Florida and the Keys to spawn from May through August. bag limit for king mackerel. Florida Pompano. This article covers Florida king mackerel fishing. Schooling fish migrate from South Florida north during spring, and this is when everyone wants to go and catch a Kingfish. Fishermen must abide by the limits imposed in the EEZ. For the 1998/99 season the amendment proposes to retain the total allowable catch (TAC) for the Gulf group king mackerel, but to set the bag limit for captain and crew of charter and head boats at zero. When fishing for Kingfish we utilize several methods to catch these fish. Florida Department of State and Division of Library and Information Services ... Rule Chapter: 68B-30 Chapter Title: KING MACKEREL - ATLANTIC FISHERY: Add to MyFLRules Favorites: View Chapter: 68B-30. Florida Sportsman's 50 Favorite Sportfish of Florida: King Mackerel. U.S. They are found in the coastal waters all along the entire Gulf of Mexico coast and up the East Coast of the United States to the mid Atlantic. Regulations were introduced to restrict the size, fishing locations, and bag limits for recreational fishers and commercial fishers. You may have a juvenile King Mackerel that may need to be released. As a pelagic fish, mackerel do not have an aggregate bag limit. Minimum size limit to allow fish time to mature and spawn. This species is highly migratory. During spawning, the egg and sperm are shed into the ocean waters and are united purely by chance. Trip Limit: Atlantic Spanish mackerel catches are divided into a Northern zone (NY/CT/RI line to the NC/SC line) and a Southern zone (NC/SC line to the Miami-Dade/Monroe county line, Florida) zone. Sale of recreational catch is prohibited. General Information Most king mackerel rigs will use a mainline of 20- to 30-pound monofilament. 12" minimum size limit; no closed season; 10 per person per day limit General Information. 20" minimum length (fork length); no closed season; 2 per person per day limit but is reduced to one fish in the Gulf and Atlantic when the fishery is closed to all harvest in Federal waters. MACKEREL, KING (Kingfish) Minimum size limit (fork length): 24" Closed season: None Daily recreation bag limit: 2 per harvester per day Remarks: Fish must remain in whole condition until landed ashore (heads, fins, and tails intact). The size limit for king mackerel would increase to 24 inches (FL). The recreational bag limit for king mackerel has been increased to four fish per person per day through March 16, 2021, in all Atlantic state and federal waters from Miami-Dade through Nassau counties. Fishermen may possess undersized king mackerel less than or equal to 5% by weight of the king mackerel onboard. Spanish Mackerel. King Mackerel Rigs. The current Florida state record is 12 pounds for Spanish mackerel and 90 pounds for King mackerel. Action 1.1.3. King Mackerel Gulf State Waters and Monroe County Minimum Size Limit: 24" fork length Daily Bag Limit: 3 per harvester Season: Open year-round. Closed April 1 – August 5. The commercial limit, currently two per person, will drop to one per person, the same as the recreational limit. Size Limit: 12-inch fork length. Florida Fishing - Species. By 2001, the mackerel stocks had bounced back. But, we all know that could change. Fish Wildl Serv Biol Rep 82(11.58). The number of available permits is limited to control fishing pressure on king mackerel. KING MACKEREL (KINGFISH) Regulations. 4/Day. Spanish Mackerel. Spanish Mackerel (H) 12” FL. They can be caught trolling or drifting. Open year-round: 12″ FL: 15 per person: King Mackerel. Size, Age, and Growth As the largest species in its genus, the king mackerel grows to 19.7-35.4 inches (50-90 cm) in length. The kings usually arrive in late March when water temps reach 68 degrees and stay until mid-November. King Mackerel. King mackerel are a very popular game fish. Goldstein RJ. Recreational Size and Creel Limits - March 2020. Read unbiased reviews and choose the best deal for your King Mackerel (Kingfish) Fishing trip. 24″ FL: 3 per person: Shellfish: Season: Size: Bag Limit: Spiny Lobster. The minimum size for Spanish mackerel is 12 inches to the fork with 15 fish allowed per angler per day. MACKEREL, SPANISH Minimum size limit : 12" Closed season: None Daily recreation bag limit: 15 per harvester per day Remarks: Fish must remain in whole condition until landed ashore (heads, fins, and tails intact). Florida Gulf Coast Mackerel Fishing Regulations. The changes, which were finalized at the group's December meeting and go into effect Feb. 1, 2018, include reducing the commercial bag limits for cobia in Gulf state waters. Tuna: Bluefin, Bigeye and Yellowfin (G) Bigeye and Yellowfin tuna 27” Curved FL. 2000. Size Limit: None Daily Creel Limit: 15 per person. Virginia and Maryland will enforce a 20” FL or 23” TL minimum size limit for king mackerel. Good availability and great rates. They are relatively easy to catch with some good techniques. Alex Mallidis, Islamorda, was mackerel fishing with his dad when the Mac’s bigger cousin King crashed the party. Yellowfin tuna 3/Day. You can catch them on live, frozen baits and with a variety of lures. Amendment 20A prohibits the sale of all bag-limit-caught king mackerel, except those harvested during a state permitted tournament. Fishing for king mackerel is without doubt one of the most popular types of fishing along the Florida Panhandle. Species profiles: life histories and environmental requirements of coastal fishes and invertebrates (south Florida) – king mackerel and Spanish mackerel. Historically the big Kings migrate through right now, and this year is no different than previous. FL Daily Creel Limit: 3 per person. Accessed: September, 2009. Remarks: This species is not regulated in Florida state waters. The larger one weighed 42lbs and the smaller 29lbs for a total of 71lbs making it my Personal Best local limit of King Mackerel. As food King mackerel have 30 triangular teeth aligned closely together. US - The daily vessel trip limit increases from 50 to 75 fish beginning 12:01 a.m., February 1, 2014, for commercial hook-and-line vessels fishing for king mackerel in federal waters of the Florida … Currently, there are no limits on cero mackerel. Size Limit: 24" Min. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, TR EL-82-4. ... ALL OTHER SHARK SPECIES: For other sharks not listed above, the size limit is 54" min. Current Fishing Seasons and Closures (NOAA Website) Red Snapper Season. The King Mackerel is found near and offshore and is occasional taken from deepwater piers. Overfishing of king and Spanish mackerel occurred in the 1980s. It is the fisherman's responsibility to know the laws and regulations in effect at any given time. How-To Catch Articles and Videos, Where's the Bite, Regulations, and more! (Website chart reflects the most recent changes to size and bag limits) Download the Fish Rules mobile app. The management unit for the South Atlantic king mackerel stock is the population from the Florida Keys to the New England coast. Catch the bait that is available with Sabikis or cast nets, keep it well-oxygenated and switch them frequently.

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