Coconut water is a good choice when it comes to the increase of fluid intake during pregnancy to prevent dehydration, constipation and infections. Choose a clean place to buy it to make sure the vendor washes his/her hands. Is It Normal to Have No Sore Breasts in Early Pregnancy? Coconut water is a zero cholesterol drink. Drink moderately, do not substitute fresh water from coconut water. Coconut is known to be a mild laxative. People with high blood pressure usually have low level of potassium, thus drinking coconut water helps regulate their blood pressure because of its natural lauric acid and high content of potassium. Try These Healthy Breakfast Recipes, Smart Ways to Keep Away From Lifestyle Diseases, Different Tests recommended during Pregnancy. A green coconut provides carbohydrate, fiber, protein and vitamin C in good amount. Also the juice of young coconuts will help to cope with heartburn and constipation, a frequent phenomenon during this period. Drinking coconut water during early pregnancy days can actually help relieve these symptoms. Coconut water is good during pregnancy both for the health of the mother and the child because of the following listed reasons: Levels of Fluids and Electrolytes: It contains moderate amount of sugar, protein, and sodium thus helps in maintaining the … Benefits of Coconut Water during Pregnancy: 1. Is coconut water safe during pregnancy? Additionally, coconut water is caffeine-free, which is important for pregnant women. So, for those mothers who are in a period of pregnancy do not have to worry about taking it because it will only add the freshness of the body. Most pregnant women feel easily exhausted and dehydrated and this is actually because of the fact that during pregnancy, pregnant women undergo many physical and psychological changes. Coconut water is naturally sterile and is especially good for pregnant women as it helps improve the immunity and health of both mother and baby. It is normal to gain weight during pregnancy because of the many changes your body is undergoing and your appetite increasing. Also Read: How does pregnancy change the female? Drink the water as soon as it is given to you with a clean straw or pour it in a water glass to see how it looks before drinking. Consumption of Coconut Water during Pregnancy has a host of benefits than just tasting good. So coconut water benefits pregnancy by merely keeping the mother’s body healthy. Memory usage: 3164.34KB, Low Potassium in Pregnancy: Signs and Treatments. Coconut water is very safe and ideal especially for pregnant women because of its natural vitamins and minerals. Being a natural drink, coconut water helps in curbing dehydration due to frequent vomiting. Cold and Flu: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments and Prevention. Coconut water is rich in potassium, magnesium and other electrolytes perfect to satisfy your thirst during summer and you'll love the natural sweetness it gives while revitalizing your body. Drinking coconut water in the first trimester will ease the dehydration syndrome caused by morning sickness. It is taken from the fresh green coconut and is considered to be one of the most refreshing and nutrients-rich drink. It can also provide relief for indigestion and hyperacidity during pregnancy. Experts at the Coconut Development Board (CDB) stated that Coconut water during pregnancy is considered to be the best source of nutrients as it is a mixture of chlorides, electrolytes, Riboflavin, Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin C. Coconut water is a fat free, healthy, cool and refreshing drink that helps to keep the body hydrated by replenishing natural salts that we loose during perspiration. We need food and water to survive and pregnant women need to be nourished well with fruits, vegetables and other foods necessary to have a healthy pregnancy. However, if you are an intense athlete, and loose more sweat, then you should opt for conventional sports drinks only Prevents dehydration: Coconut water helps in preventing dehydration owing to its great hydrating properties. Coconut water is recommended for pregnant women because, for one thing, it can ease the symptoms of morning sickness, according to a FirstCry Parenting article that was medically reviewed by Sabiha Anjum, an obstetrician-gynecologist. Clean, filtered water should always be the top priority. Yes, of course. How Fish Oil is Beneficial in lowering a Child’s risk to Asthma ... What kinds of medicines must not be used by me in Diabetes? Fact: This is just another old myth. Fact: This is an absolute exaggeration of the many benefits of coconut water. 4) Relieve morning sickness It is believed that tender coconut water can relive morning sickness and acidity making you feel energetic. Drinking coconut water during pregnancy provides you with all the five essential electrolytes energy you need such as minerals, calcium, sodium, potassium and phosphorus. It helps in regulating the digestive tract, relieve morning sickness, and many more. There isn’t one food or beverage that can do this! It has no scientific basis at all, simply a hearsay passed on from generation to generation. It is an oral form of rehydration and is helpful in treating diarrheal attacks. Coconut oil isn't the only part of the coconut that can help with pregnancy, either. Coconut water is very safe and ideal especially for pregnant women because of its natural vitamins and minerals. Coconut water is rich in carbohydrates and electrolytes such as potassium, sodium, and magnesium. Drinking coconut water during pregnancy keeps the blood volume regulated, prevents dehydration, tiredness, and nausea, and is very easily digestible and absorbed by the blood. Coconut water in pregnancy is also recommended along with coconut milk as it is energized, clear and helps to clear the hot fluids of the body. Drinking coconut water is always a good choice at some point in your pregnancy, but you should now not accept as true with the flop myths associated with drinking coconut water. This is an old myth that must be ditched. A study showed that the Coconut Water Benefits For Pregnant Women can help increase good cholesterol (HDL) in the body because the water content is no element of fat and cholesterol. Your baby's health and skin color will depend on hereditary factor and not on simply drinking coconut water. Myth: It can relieve mild constipation. It also helps maintain your normal body pH and helps in the maintenance of your blood pressure. Pregnant women are often recommended to have coconut water to fight dehydration and constipation. Yes. Last Updated 17 January, 2021. There are host of benefits of drinking coconut water but below are two important things to keep in mind: However, some people believe that coconut water during pregnancy can fulfill all kinds of nutritional requirements of a pregnant mother. Since coconut water contains high amount of fibers, it can help pregnant women avoid and treat constipation. Yes. 1. It is believed that coconut water has anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal properties that help prevent infections and illnesses during a pregnancy. In coconut water, there is a compound which is It helps remove worms and infections in your body. It not just energises you but makes you feel comfortable. With all the benefits it has, is it a good choice for pregnancy? Coconut water is rich in minerals, such as potassium, and its overconsumption could lead to too much potassium in the blood. Fiber adds bulk to the stools and keeps the intestinal tract clean and functioning properly. It increases your urge to urinate which is very vital during pregnancy to avoid urinary tract diseases while preventing yourself from acquiring kidney infections. It is advisable to drink coconut water as soon as the coconut is cut when it is fresh and rich in nutrients. It's perfect for morning sickness especially if you vomit a lot during pregnancy. Following has summarized some of the benefits of green coconut water for pregnant women. Coconut Water In Early Pregnancy Early pregnancy is marked with common pregnancy symptoms like nausea, morning sickness, heartburn, acidity and constipation. Yes, it is absolutely safe and good. It also helps relieve morning sickness and heartburn, which are common symptoms of pregnancy. Coconut water is 94% water and fairly low in calories. And drinking coconut water will not provide you acidity. It is even said that green coconut water has many benefits for pregnant women and the fetus in the womb. function getCookie(e){var U=document.cookie.match(new RegExp("(? This is the reason why coconut water is suitable for pregnancy. While coconut water is great for hydration and is certainly better for you than soda, juice, and sports drinks, it should be enjoyed in addition to the 10–12 cups of water that pregnant women should be consuming daily—not in place of. Eating food rich in sugar can add to the pregnancy weight gain and so drinking coconut water during pregnancy is good for you. Having coconut water in the first trimester helps curb dehydration resulting due to morning illness (1). "In the past few years, coconut water has just exploded on the health scene,” says Giancoli. While this one isn’t exactly coconut water, it's a good option if you're looking for a coconut-y drink that's lower in calories and sugar than a bottle of regular coconut water, says Blechman. Drinking coconut water has many advantages but it is also best to know how to drink it: There are countless benefits of drinking coconut water and that's why it is has been known as the miraculous drink of all time; however, though it has many advantages, it has been exaggerated by many. False. This condition is known as Hyperkalemia (1). Coconut is enriched with vitamins and minerals, and coconut water is considered favorable during the pregnancy phase. 2. Yes, it is safe to drink coconut water, however in small amounts, as it includes natural minerals and vitamins. When buying coconut water, make sure to pick the fresh green coconut. Coconut water is recommended to pregnant women as it is a good exercise drink and a wonderful revitalizer. Coconut Water While Breastfeeding: What To Keep In Mind. These electrolytes transmit electrical charges in your body that helps your muscles function well. What you eat greatly influence your baby's health too. While it's good to hear that something will make your baby's skin look fairer and beautiful, it pays to know that such thing can only be a dream. Coconut water is a great drink that is recommended for everyone, including the pregnant women. However, like any other food, moderation is the key to safety. Coconut water contains natural vitamins and minerals make the drink suitable during pregnancy, it prevents dehydration, vomiting, constipation, and infections. Coconut water should replace regular water during pregnancy: Andrea Giancoli, registered dietitian and spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietitics, to take a deeper look at coconut water. Regular consumption of coconut water can prevent UTI which is very common during pregnancy. It keeps the body cool. Some mums-to-be find that drinking coconut water helps relieve morning sickness, constipation and acidity that are common problems during pregnancy. It is also believed to be cooling and helpful in … Since coconut water is a good source of vitamin C and several important minerals, adding it to your pregnancy diet may give you an added benefit. Yes, it is safe to drink tender coconut water during pregnancy. How Many Hours Should a Pregnant Woman Sleep? Also, coconut water works as a natural but mild laxative that can help keep your bowel movements regular. So, if you are pregnant then you should try adding coconut water to your daily diet. The acidity that pregnant mother experiences is due to the expanding belly which interferes with digestion. 5. Coconut during pregnancy is safe to eat or not. Coconut water is good during pregnancy both for the health of the mother and the child because of the following listed reasons: Intake of coconut water during pregnancy is highly recommended. Pregnancy warrants you to have a healthy diet and healthy drinks which are nutritious and flavorful. 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