Last week’s event focused on winning new business in this current climate. 12 strategies to win customers for your business. Virtual Meet Up: How to Win New Business. Implementing the strategies help your business to build trust with clients and prove winning in business. If you aren't focussed on new customers and new business, you are really going backwards - so how do we win this new business? Get emotional. Know your customer. Clearly, I am not advocating that a huge global economic downturn is a great thing for the whole business community. Sounds obvious, but we often see it - there is a weak link in the sales process, and apples are just slipping (or even might be pouring!) At The Drum’s annual Pitch Perfect conference, leading industry figures all offered advice on how to overcome these hurdles to win new business. Tell your business story – capture the prospect’s attention with a short history of your business. 12 Tips That Can Help You To Win Business Contracts Without Hassles. off the conveyor and into the 'bin'! In the twenty-first century the competition between companies for new customers is intense and the ability to win new business is perhaps the most important skill that any sales-oriented leader or manager can possess. Right now, prioritize reaching out to current clients before new clients. Every business wants to grow (or should do!). But equally as important as what you sell, however, is how you sell it. Without sales, we haven't got a business. There are several ways that small businesses can increase their chances of winning large customers. Use powerful sales presentations when in front of potential new customers, communicate a clear honed sales message, provide value through the process, and ensure you demonstrate that you can resolve their problems and meet their needs. A strong value proposition is the core of your competitive advantage, and we know from working with hundreds of businesses over the years, that it can be the difference between losing a sale - and closing it. Take stock, ideally with a mentor or consultant with new business … Without enquiries and leads coming in, your business will starve, and eventually shrink. Some business owners are more ambitious than others, but at the end of the day growth won't just happen by itself. Your current clients already know, like you, and trust you. Follow up until dead. Most business owners are not risk takers and don't want to take a risk by hiring you. As a business owner, you need to ensure you are passionately leading the team, and living and breathing the vision and future direction of the business, and demonstrating how winning new business is a key part of the business success! Think like … 1. Whether you’re 500 strong or two people in a spare bedroom it’s no secret that winning new business is becoming harder and harder for agencies of all shapes and sizes. Developing a standard sales motion and sales playbook for your small business is about more than just strategy for winning customers, however. To help you get started straight away, here Maguire Training lists seven useful ideas that could help you to find new business: These ideas only scratch the surface of what Maguire Training can teach you about winning new business. The below strategies and tips are the best answer about how to get clients for new business. New recruiters should be given the warmest introduction possible, so needless to say, a greta balance needs to be struck between careful coaching and letting them get a feel for things themselves. 2) Set up your marketing team to generate leads. Whether you own a construction company, a small firm, or whatever business you run, you will agree with me that there is no greater feeling than winning that major contract that is bound to take your company to the next level. Winning new business doesn’t mean winning new clients. We'd love to hear from you. The Sales Shake-Up: How to exploit your online presence to win new business Jeff Beals December 28, 2020 Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on LinkedIn Share via email The best way to arm yourself and your team with the knowledge, skills and strategies required to win new customers in the challenging environment of modern business is to obtain quality … By Jo Neville, JN Consultant We have heard it all before I’m sure but sometimes we can forget the basics of generating sales from both new and existing clients so here’s 10 ways to win new business, all the while keeping you or your product prevalent in clients minds. Let the conversation flow naturally and give everyone the chance to introduce themselves. Please see our, How to get formidable sales momentum in 2018, 5 secrets to a compelling value proposition, How to boost profit through awesome differentiation. How To Win New Business Old leads. The best way to arm yourself and your team with the knowledge, skills and strategies required to win new customers in the challenging environment of modern business is to obtain quality professional training. Every sales enquiry must be recorded, respected, and actioned - sales enquiries are the life-blood of the business. Let us discuss some of the customer oriented marketing strategies to win customers for your business. Guide. Whilst in many businesses there is massive potential to grow existing customers, through lots of different ways, a vital ingredient to business growth is NEW BUSINESS! Look after them, educate them … We give up too early most of the time. You need to get the whole team behhind the strategy to win new business, especially your sales team. Here are nine tips to help you win new business. Networking. With 2014 rapidly coming to a close, there’s no better time to plan for next year. Use your systems to capture the opportunities and track through the sales process; then through regular sales meetings and accountability and rigorous follow-up programmes, you can be laser focussed on ensuring those apples don't drop off until they reach the end of the conveyor belt - a secured sale! Then you need to be sure that your growth is 'smart' - that is, that you are generating cash as you are growing! We often we see practitioners within the creative industry who show true... Get help if you need it: . Find new business opportunities Win business from big clients: eight top tips. This article focusses on how to generate more leads and win new business - this might be either new customers or new projects. All it takes is the right approach, service innovation, and a positive attitude. Referrals and testimonials from any existing customers you have are also important in generating new business leads, as is word-of-mouth recommendations. Know your customer. They have already... 3. 1. A concise statement describing your offering, why that is relevant to customers' needs and improves their situations, and how you will deliver that promise. Here are 5 key strategies to generate leads, and WIN new business and new customers: 1) Define a ultra-clear value proposition. 5 Ways to Win New Business. Sales growth - The power of lead generation and strategies to win new business. By GENERATING LEADS. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+ can all be great jumping off points for new businesses. James Whittall, founder and MD of agency Influx Digital “It is key to keep the calls casual, allowing time to get to know the client, understand the inner workings of their business and what it is they want to achieve. Create a simplified version of what your agency would usually offer new clients at the beginning of a contract, such as keyword research, buyer persona development, an educational worksh op, or even a brief brand audit. So, the question comes - how do we generate more sales? There are many ways to win new clients as a freelancer, but you’re more than likely to come up against a new business pitch process as one of them at some point in your freelance life. To gain a real head start over your competition you can obtain all of the knowledge and beneficial strategies of 'Winning New Business' by accessing it as an online training course through our easy to use and convenient E-learning system. 3) Ensure you have robust sales systems and process. 2010 - 2020 Maguire Business Solutions Limited, Registered In England and Wales No. Imagine leads were like apples on a conveyor belt. Strategy The 7 Simplest and Smartest Ways to Create a Winning Business Individually they are vitally important, together they are the recipe to hit the business jackpot. Offering amazing products and services is obviously a great way to win customers. How to win new business – Q&A roundup Find the talent you need and learn it fast: . If you'd like to find out more about our formula for success, please get in touch with us. Your marketing team has put an apple on the start of the conveyor belt (i.e. Then there are lots of factors that influence sales success - for example, you need the right team, the right KPIs, the right tracking measures and accountability in place, the right marketing and sales process, and a whole lot of other important components. After winning new business, so many things could go wrong during the retention process that customer retention becomes daunting for the business owner. To grow sales you can increase volume through existing customers, or bring new customers on board or secure new projects and contracts. Make it relevant to your target customer (only), ensure it is easy to understand, communicate outcomes and value for the customers, and explain how you are different and better than your competition. As an entrepreneur or business owner, that planning should include methods to attract new clients. Strong business growth also comes from the marketing and sales teams being clearly aligned, focussed on generating leads and winning new business, and have got clear-cut targets, KPIs and strategies to get there. The post-lockdown period could be the best time to win new business, writes Ben Paul. Business skills training specialists Maguire Training present an invaluable course 'Winning New Business' which equips delegates with everything they need to find new business, create the right impression and close the deal. Whatever your business, it is essential that you focus on winning new customers and new business as part of your sales plan and strategy. However, retaining customers is extremely crucial to the health of your business, even though it’s not as easy as winning them. In the twenty-first century the competition between companies for new customers is intense and the ability to win new business is perhaps the most important skill that any sales-oriented leader or manager can possess. It is then vitally important for this to be tracked on a regular basis, and the team to be held accountable to the whole business on this key number. If you aren't focussed on new customers and new business, you are really going backwards - so how do we win this new business? Ensure your marketing team has clear targets and KPIs for the number of qualified leads they need to generate, particularly for new business, and ensure this target is enough to hit your new business sales goal. You’re name is added to a shortlist of freelancers or small agencies that a client wants to see about a new project or campaign. Growth is what every business needs - and it's the fundamental goal of every successful business and entrepreneur.

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