Gaining more separation between the pelvis and the shoulders, and 2. Most hitters cannot be “on-time” by just picking up the stride foot and falling forward. As the swing begins, the stride is in place and the body begins to rotate. Coach: Jodie Ricciardi. Every play in softball requires an accurate throw. Begin by pulling your bat back and preparing your swing as you would normally. Your softball skills video is arguably the most important part of your recruiting profile. Tee Softball Hitting Drills with the Tanner Hitting Deck When doing tee work, it's important to have a visual reference to help hitters with their stance. Of what use would a 1000 horsepower engine be if the transmission slips?--- You can not efficiently transfer rotational energy into angular bat head acceleration with linear mechanics. Having a catch with a p… At the time it didn't hurt that bad. It's the Same Swing. A way to keep those ligaments strong and flexible for pitching, throwing or swinging is to condition and strengthen them. Hold a 3-pound weighted ball in one hand. This is a good video showing how the head, hands and legs all need to work together to produce an effective swing. Then, swing the bat, making sure to drive with your upper half, and hit the ball off the tee. And in terms of movement, they really are not. This week's Tip of the Week will focus on some targeted weight training using a weighted bat or your first baseman's bat (she is generally the biggest player on the team, so she should swing the heaviest bat). Kneel down on your padding with your back leg, and stick your front leg infront of you, extended. in case you prefer to function on your hitting distance, hit the squat rack, do lounges, run, extensions, curls, abducters, adducters, something you're able to do for legs. This video demonstrates the mechanics of throwing a softball using the legs. Remember to: Drive your back hip through the zone. But it is the strength of the legs that enable the abdominals and trunk in general, to promote bat speed. Point your elbow at your target and throw the runner out. The legs do not appear active. Click the following link to read about softball hitting and to understand why technique in this area of the sport is so important. I got hit with a softball on my inner left leg, right above the ankle. Softball pitching is the most important skill in the game of softball, as the pitcher can dominate as no other player is able to do. Use Your Legs. Curl the weight using only your wrist as though you are trying to touch the weight to your forearm, before returning to the starting position. And this should be a natural move. This training aid gives you immediate feedback on your swing, and is a little smaller than a regular bat, so you need less space to practice. When gripping the bat, the hitter applies pressure with the fingers, not the palms. It builds strong legs and can help a player throw faster, hit harder and sprint faster. In softball hitting, the grip is one of the most critical parts of a quick bat swing. Heavier bats will hit the baseball farther … The power of a golf swing is in the hips, but the direction and accuracy is in the legs. Use your hips to generate power. You must pivot your hips with quickness and purpose. Once you get into your hitting stance, you will want to have the proper lower-body mechanics to power your hit. Step 1. “In hitting, the lower body is our power source,” Junior National Team Gold Medal-winning Softball Coach Pam Newton says. How to Throw a Softball: Throwing is a key component in the game of softball. The goblet squat is the easiest, safest, best way to learn how to squat. Softball Workouts: Strengthening Exercises for Every Player The most common softball injuries are usually focused around the shoulder and the elbow. Coaches use softball skills video to make their initial evaluation of recruits, and it can be the deciding factor between whether a coach wants to recruit you—or move on to the next athlete.And in modern recruiting, it’s sometimes the only way coaches get to see their recruits’ athleticism and skills.

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