Drexel University Libraries LibGuides Library Resources and Services for Remote Teaching Lesson Plans Search this Guide Search. Major: Higher Education Leadership Degree Awarded: Master of Science (MS) Calendar Type: Quarter Total Credit Hours: 45.0 Co-op Option: None Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) code: 13.0406 Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) code: 11-9033. In addition to summative assessments, teachers should implement formative assessments throughout each lesson to determine students’ levels of proficiency towards reaching the objective. Are there gifted students in the class? endstream endobj 961 0 obj <. Lesson plans should be customized depending on grade level, whether students are at an advanced or remedial level, or any other factors that can help impact students’ abilities to better retain subject matter. Remember the grains group from MyPlate?” Then show the children pictures of the wheat, corn, and rice fields (included) while saying, “Whole grains come from plants like wheat, corn, rice, and oats.”>>> The Whole Grain Choo-Choo Train THE WHOLE GRAIN CHOO-CHOO TRAIN 34 >>> Nutrition Education Program @ Drexel University. Drexel University provides the necessary resources for all education students and teachers to succeed. Pre-K to Grade 8. Lesson plan software. Drexel University, MS MyPlate Evaluation Lesson Plan, Revised 7/17, page 4 . This lesson plan will help students navigate the Library's searching ecosystem and practice search techniques on their own. How to Write a Lesson Plan as a Student Teacher Drexel University School of Education. Search . If you have specific questions around student teaching, please also visit our Student Teaching FAQ page or request more information. Pre-School Lesson Templates. Students in Grades 6-8 are capable of understanding more context behind the material and will be more willing to voice questions about the material itself (such as place and setting of stories in English or Reading classes) or mention that they don’t understand the process behind solving a math problem. Creating a lesson plan begins with aligning state standards to your curriculum and then narrowing the focus to determine which objectives you want your students to meet within a specific unit of study. Objectives should use action verbs appropriate for the students’ cognitive levels. Since elementary students are not as cognitively developed as high school students, elementary school teachers should create lesson objectives, activities, and assessments that cater to the early stages of learning, such as memorization, understanding, and application. Please visit: An aspect of teaching elementary school that differs from teaching middle school or high education is that elementary teachers have to create lesson plans for more than one content area. Drexel University Libraries LibGuides Library Resources and Services for Remote Teaching Lesson Plans Search this Guide Search. Having an overarching idea of what you want to teach in a unit plan allows teachers to determine what essential questions will be addressed, which resources will be used throughout the unit, and which vocabulary words or skills need to be front-loaded prior to beginning individual lesson plans within the unit. The most important aspects for a teacher to consider when initially developing a lesson plan are the content area, the grade-level, and the stage in Bloom’s Taxonomy where the students currently learn. Standards/Benchmarks/Eligible Content: How am I going to teach it? Stay safe while learning and exploring the Academy with your class! For more helpful information on student teaching or becoming a teacher, please visit the Drexel University School of Education Resources page. In addition to preparing students for SATs and State Assessment tests, lesson plans for high school students should also focus on expanding critical thinking skills based on the material. Are there students who seem to grasp learning objectives during classroom checks for understanding, but fail their assessments? A basic format for a student teacher lesson plan structure includes: While this format serves as a lesson planning guideline for student teachers, it is important to recognize that a lesson plan for an elementary school Math class looks much different from a lesson plan for a high school English Language Arts class.

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