Since my business account was closed, I no longer have a business bank account. 0000011255 00000 n Could Bank of America really be racially profiling people? Something is not right and I'm not going to force my money on anyone who doesn't want it when clearly other banks do. Don't save on a public computer . If you were already intending to open a bank account with another financial institution, you should do it before your current one is closed. If you have your account closed, it will be difficult to find another bank or credit union that is willing to work with you. 0000013604 00000 n 60 days came and went... account still open. The money was taken from my account and I was never told about this. You: 19.62. 0000009130 00000 n Countrywide - Bank Of America/short Sale - Incompetent Department and Service, Bank of America - b.o.a. I called to know what went wrong or the offense we committed but the couldn't give any reason. I own 3 companies each bringing in over a million a year, perfect credit and perfect accounts and bank of america decides to close my accounts…. 0000016206 00000 n 0000009562 00000 n I'm really curious if something is going to come out soon about BofA having a lawsuit against them for continually doing this without any explanations or if this is a discrimination act they're doing (I am white but I've read comments/articles from many people who are not). 0000005777 00000 n my attorney loves a good fight and so do i. I first learned of it when logging into my online account, both my account were GONE! Typically, your bank should send out a written notice that … Bank manager looks, says nothing flagged on the account. When I was finally able to speak to someone at the bank the very nasty individual answered " If you would have read the contract you signed you would have seen it says we can close the account anytime we want and do not have to give any reasons" I answered I have been a customer for over 40 years and never done anything wrong the least I would expect is a little decency and a reply to which he answered " didn't you hear what I said" I then told him well I need my money can i give transfer instructions to which he replied " it takes a few weeks to finish closing your account and you will receive a check in the mail". BOA undermined my confidence in their organization for life - I'll bury my money in the back yard before I'll trust them to hold it. iam on a mission to tell my family and all my co workers to move out of Bofa. When I called to ask why, BOFA was rude and told me I would get a check in 10-15 days. Now our account is good, not flagged, and we can resume peacefully. Understand Why the Account Was Closed. Too bad for them, I just setup my paycheck to auto deposit with them. I wonder if it'll cause my other banks to close my accounts too but so far all my other accounts with other banks are active and normal. 0000008984 00000 n You: you got to be kidding me! Be interesting to see how that goes! 0000014855 00000 n Bad, bad business practices! 30 days came and went, account stayed open. ????!!? I use currently online payment service from two other banks which are excellent since funds are not deducted from the account until actually the checks are cashed or deposited. I did not receive any notice about a possible closure to my account and I have payroll coming through my account t and I have rent due on 8/1/2018. Needless to say he just went back to the script, so I called him out and said 'you're not an account manager you're just a mouthpiece for a s**thole bank' and hung up. Submit. You will need to learn to operate without a bank account for a few months until you clean everything up. My BoA account was restricted, not closed but I still can't access my BoA portal. If this was a checking account that I normally used this would be very scary and frustrating. Bank of America is un-American. Bad Business decision. On June 26, Bank of America closed my two deposit accounts on suspicion of fraudulent activity. Bank of America closed my account for no reason? I'm not owing the IRS, I keep more than the minimum balance in my account, and all transactions on this account is legit. My baby is having surgery in the morning so around 7 I went to check to make sure my direct deposit hit and could not log on. I opened my FIRST bank account 3 days ago, then stopped by the bank today and they told me my account was closed. Which the bank doesn’t want to be associated with in any way shape or form. Online ID Save Online ID. They suck, that's all I can say!!! 0000016428 00000 n Call Bank of America at 800.432.1000 to close the account. So as not to be litigated by any bank, "$^$^* of ^()&&" refers to ANY bank in question. Call to closure department with father on the line and supervisor did not help - they said for him to report to a branch office even though he is disabled in a rural area 100 miles from a branch. Thank you. 0000004430 00000 n Don't have your mobile device handy? 0000001968 00000 n So how the hell do u close an account for something that was a year ago. I had BoA for years before I got tired of their bullshit. Before moving forward with closing the checking or savings account, consider your reason, since you may have alternatives to consider.For example, you may want to close your Bank of America account since you're moving and won't have any branches nearby, or maybe you're getting divorced and no longer want a joint account at the bank with your spouse. @BankofAmerica Bunch of crooks! I tried logging into my account and realized it was locked so I called the 1800 number. I stopped long time ago using the online payment system of the Bank of America. IF there was legal recourse, I would pursue it, but have been told there is northing I can do. 17 Credit cards $151, 800 Combined limit. Established new accounts for the business with a competitor and moved most of the funds. Same thing happened to my wife and I. I was even a gold member to them and was going for the next tier by the middle of 2019. I thought they were in business to make money. Your letter caused us to learn that the grass really is greener on the other side - thanks for pushing us out. It happened to my Nephew last year, I thought he must be mistaken & it was something he did wrong, but now they just did the same exact thing to me 16 days ago! Over the years I've even had Utilization rates as high as 70% with nothing like this ever happening to me. Have arranged a confrontation at my local branch next week, who helped me and actively encouraged me to set up my Business Account with them. I've had a banking relationship with BOA for over 16 years, the last 7 years I added several business accounts. My US based BofA account enabled me to make payments in support of property owned in California and to move money from my 401k, receive IRS refunds, maintain a VISA ATM Card to be used here in Ghana, purchase gifts on-line for my grandchildren, set up recurring … The Bank of America sent me letters saying they are restricting my accounts in 20 days and closing them in 30 days. The way they did the call sounded threatening and as an ultimatum. When I called the closure department they told me "basically, Bank of America has decided not to do business with you" and gave no further detail. 0000015264 00000 n In the event that a payment is sent to a closed account, the IRS requires Bank of America reject and return the payment. As a business, you should be able to provide an explanation as to why you're choosing not to do business with someone. did you get your points back? Been there, done that, and have NO intention of going there again. I can’t even got to the bank until they open and by these response they are not going to give me my money. Talk about total lack of customer service for someone that is a gold tier partner. My credit is over 800, had a boa credit card with a $60k limit never late, never above 30% utilization. @Jesus Eniyan I live in Alaska and the rep even laughed it might take longer. By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Complaints Board’s Terms and Conditions. Everybody should stay away from BoA. Same thing happened to us - 5 business accounts 6 personal accounts and we had our account established with the original bank in 1983 that was swallowed by a big bank, then another big bank, that ultimately got swallowed by BoA... we left the account alone, with a little bit of money. I received a letter saying they will close my account in 15 days and since My mom (66 years old) is authorize on my account all account she has on her own or somebody else will be close too!!! I am so annoyed, My account was closed today with no explanation they told me that they will send me a check surprise to see all this comment. I'm a upper-middle income, excellent credit ranking individual who holds Amex cards, Chase cards and receives extensive background checking to work in the defense industry so I honestly can't fathom that BOA actually had any real reason to classify me as a "risk" that none of these other organization seem to find. Furthermore, I have credit monitoring services and therefore know that there are no discrepancies on my credit report that could have caused them to make this decision. A visit to my local branch yielded the same results, apparently, they are so indignant, they do not want to empower the branch personnel to get involved or try to help. 0000015411 00000 n @Folusha Adigun Bank of America closed my account and stole my funds. Bank of America— closed my account for no reason. Bank of America freezing accounts of customers suspected of not being US citizens I had an account with BOA until this morning. Today received a letter regarding BoA keeping in compliance with the Patriot Act and they could not establish/verify "CIP" - so we met with the branch manager who checked our account and sure enough, a phone number, a license "issued date" and year our company was established were missing. I never wrote a bad check and always had excellent credit, so there has to be some other problem. I’m just assuming but I think I’m right when you’re saying defense industry you mean the armed industry which is considered a high risk industry. No email, no phone call to inform me of the closure. I went to the branch at 1020 Holcombe Blvd in Houston and the 2 reps who tried to help were rude and unprofessional. I did, but the manager had no answer, he said the closure department is above any branch and he can not help me because he can not access their information. I called as was told my account was closed why wasn’t I told before I made a deposit. 0000007296 00000 n The rep said that this is currently a very common issue and that the bulk of their calls lately have been about this exact thing. Banks, including Bank of America, cannot and do not provide personal account or address information to the IRS. Bank of America doesn’t have to provide you with any information . The card was closed by the bank. You: a payment was made on 4/28/2012. The customer service reps were apologetic and helpful and said please let us get this sorted out for you so we can reopen your accounts but then the closure department guy said they've been closed without reason and that's that. 0000023806 00000 n Anyone interested. Terrible bank! Us too, We've even banking customers with BOA since 1987, 6 accounts, personal, business, and credit cards, 800 credit, perfect history and BAM, 6 letters in the mail telling us the bank has decided to close our accounts. My account was opened 30 years ago with Fleet and now BOA. Bank of America closed my account last week as well that I had open for over 25 years when they could not contact my elderly father who I added to my account 20 years ago to help pay for my college. The bank had no trouble contacting me for an odd, extended interview several months ago regarding what we do and where we send our funds. Apparently accounts established prior to 1999 are being aggressively audited for missing data (from a bad data conversion of banks they purchased) and clients are hanging in the wind, branch managers are left in the dark, accounts are being closed, clients are leaving, and general unrest abounds. 0000010432 00000 n The Bank of America sent me letters saying they are restricting my accounts in 20 days and closing them in 30 days. Seriously BoA, this is why people buy bitcoin. Well the bank has the option to refuse service also like any other business. Not BofA I guess. 0000012129 00000 n The bank blames the risk dept. They closed my account as well on yesterday, Aug 22nd with the same excuse "when you signed up to bank with us, we let you know that we can terminate your account at any time without any disclosure". But really they should give 30 days and a letter. Threaten with account closure is your first move for an IT issue on data conversion? I get paid in the morning u will have all of my money over 4000.00 the surgery is at 6am. I open my account and leave. 0000002672 00000 n When we went to deposit our latest donations, we found that the account was closed, and we received a letter that day saying that our credit card was canceled, along with "any other associated accounts because your risk profile no longer aligns with the bank's risk tolerance." Same thing happened to me, credit score over 800, big balance, never late on payments, closed without valid reason, just "it's a business decision". We felt like criminals. How to Close the Bank of America Account by Call? Same thing just happened to me. No correspondence from them until I called, and would not provide an explanation. We were only sent a letter in October that our unused credit card account would be canceled, but nothing about our business checking account. 0000004892 00000 n Banks are required to hold on to them for a minimum of five years, so you should be able to get copies, though there may be a fee involved. Bank Of Americans s!!cks. They should rename their rotten bank to Bank of North Korea. They probably used a computer program to cull certain accounts which don't meet their profit motive. The rep kept repeating the same crap "When you opened an account with us you signed a contract that you may close your account without cause, and we are exercising the same right, and there's nothing I can tell you except that it was a business decision" 30 mins later on the phone I put my personal business banker on the line with their corporate office, this time the rep even said if we asked more information about the account closure the rep himself might get indicted on some federal law that nobody knows about. This way there is no money lost and no need to track things so closely. Same ting just happen to me. 3.I have been a customer since … What recourse do we have for this delay? Maxwell: In order to use the card again, you will need to place a request for the re-opening of your account. I've looked at several business sites that say, although banks have the right to not provide an explanation, generally banks "do the right thing" and will let you know why they made that decision. Today I receive my ATM card and I try to activate it and my account is closed. I’m lucky my mom (joint) watches the account so she found out it was in closure by calling and being routing to risk Dept. We need answers. Same thing happened to me. That's it, GOODBYE! 0000047757 00000 n Ignorant [censored]! Bofa closed my account here in LA, that ive had for like 20years. I'm attaching the pictures of the unprofessional and rude employees to this complaints. Submit. All 5 accounts were closed, was traveling that time and run into that big time surprise. You can use money orders to pay many of your bills, or you may want to try to get by with a prepaid credit card. 0000012557 00000 n Short Answer: Depending on the reason why your bank account was closed, you can usually reopen it by initiating new transactions after a period of inactivity, by paying negative balances, or by contacting your bank to clear up any confusion about potentially suspicious or fraudulent activity. When I went in to speak with a bank manager the next day, she called a number and the person she spoke to said that they tried to reach me claiming that there was something that needed to be updated on the account, yet we confirmed with the manager that everything was up to date. On top of that, I have never spoke to any customer service person that was so rude. What is wrong with BOA?? Same thing happened to me... perfect 20 year account.. business account.. the only difference with me is they said if I opened a merrill lynch brokerage account I could stay and keep my relationship. The rep was very nonchalant and indignant to the point where I had to hang up on him to keep from reading his [censored]. Only a letter about the credit card closure, which did not affect us. If you've closed your account and still need to obtain statements from the bank, don't despair. Then you have to visit the official website of the bank → Login to your Bank Account → Contact → Chat with the Executive. 0000019187 00000 n My account was closed without my knowledge on 12/13. So I said well if that is the case then you must have been the one to make this decision to close my account, so you can give me a reason why. It is a humiliating experience to try to talk to somebody at the Bank of America about the account closure. If a bank closed your account due to large numbers of bounced checks and/or overdrafts, you may have the option to open or keep a savings account you already have, but won't have the option to open another checking account. I just had the same thing happen to my father's account. Not even a phone call to warn me this account would be closed and I am a "preferred platinum" customer. Real professional! So this just happened to me as well and I was super panicked but I got another bank now and my direct deposit will go there. I recently just paid off both BofA cards & still had over $200 Cash Back Rewards Balance too, but suddenly no online access to anything! Closing the existing account and either finding … Despite the above I kept accounts with the Bank of America because it was the first bank I used when it was named" Bank of New England", then "Fleet Bank", then "Bank of Boston", then Bank of America. BOA could have accomplished the very same being nice advising customers and letting them withdraw funds before closing the account but the nasty mean attitude they have to 40 year customers merits a class action suit against BOA for prejudism and witholding customers monies. I recently opened a BOA account as I relocated due to employment and my old bank had no branches in the area. Closed my account, had a 1$ annual recurring fee pop on like day 29 after the close. 0000004663 00000 n BOA is a BS institution! Ok, whatever, another concern: I had over 500K points on credit cards with them and received a letter today from bank that reward points FORFEITED...I mean guys, honestly??? I paid all my bills on time and never overdrafted. Maxwell: Your card was closed on 03/21/2012. We closed them ourselves and went to BB&T. 0000002317 00000 n I wish the CEO would loose everything, none of the management deserve anything considering this is what they do to their customers. I agree. I just opened a letter from BOA thinking it was more terms and agreements or how we share information. Used my card yesterday morning then around noon got an email alert saying my account dropped. After Your Account Has Closed 0000010677 00000 n DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH BANK OF AMERICA FOR ANY REASON! We raise money to send to Central America for educational purposes, and I think that is what B of A found "risky" without telling us up front, and without ever letting us know. Bank Of America review from Lubbock, Texas rated 1.0/5.0 with 1 Comment: Below is the letter I sent to Bank of America ... Dear Sir or Madam ,Reasons I am closing my account : 1.Your corporation has closed hundreds of ATM's across the US , making it difficult to withdraw cash when traveling. 0000006867 00000 n I said..."okay, so there isn't a reason?" The reason is because the funds are taken away immediately from my account at the time I schedule the payments. Some banks will also report the closure to the ChexSystems account verification database, where the information will remain on file for five years. They are full of liars and dirt bags, @Acehockey Banks in the U.S. have to obey a very complicated system of federal laws. I noticed there are several hispanic names listed here and I am hispanic as well. Went to buy groceries at my local store and the cashier guy said my card was denied, stunned i relunctantly used my PIN number which was denied as well, i knew something was amiss, i paid with cash thankfully in my wallet and got into my car and logged in to my checking acct, and lo and behold it was empty, in panic called the bank and eventually after being transffered like 3 times, one of their arrogant worker finally asked me if i knew my acct is being closed.I was shocked and relived as the same time knowing a bank draft will be sent to me in the mail. Wow just researched this when it happened to me, shut down 2 of my accounts with no information, and yes every word of previous experiences is true just been through it with BOA. They are too big to care and i hope people learn to close their acct and move to another bank. He then told me he was the Account Manager for my account and there was nobody else to talk to. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and to show you personalised advertising from our partners.By using this website you agree to our Cookies Policy. Assuming there might just be something wrong with Bank of America’s online banking service, I called the number on the back of the card only to have the robotic lady on the other end confirm the account was closed.. … We will NEVER do business with Bank of America again. They close my accoun and since my mom is authorize on one of my accounts they said or her accounts will be close too, how you can do that to a 66 and 76 year old people. @Sarai Bailey ��`�c|����Az��C����L3��Vf�0. I went into the branch and I couldn't get an answer so I called the 1800 number again only to be told it was due to a fraud claim but no other details. 12/26/20 Mortgage scores: EX2 779, EQ5 748, TU4 741. I live in Alaska, there are no local branches. Only save your Online ID on your personal computer or mobile device. Someone was buying a car from me gave me a check that Boa held for 14days never released the money and the check as no account found. I called the phone number on the letters, but only an answering machine says "this is the closure department and this was done for Business Reason and no further info can be given". The decision to close the accounts is FINAL and there is no appeal, recourse and department above customer service to talk to. They are contrary to everything this country stands for. (Been doing this for years using Credit cards) At 39%~41% Utilization my FICO Score dropped to 659, but this is expected, it goes right back up again when I pay everything off as I've done for the past 40+ years. My experience proved that this bank is not customer friendly when it comes to discuss such issues. I called today to check the status of my check and was told it wasn’t going to be mailed out until 1/28. The fastest and most convenient way to close your Bank of America account is through the phone. Now I'm left trying to figure out how to pay rent while I wait for a cashier's check. VANISHED! @Carolinapd Ridiculous!. a verified customer. 0000011982 00000 n My only option is to fly to Seattle. 0000010004 00000 n Just as long that it’s not under the bases of discrimination in any form race, religion, gender and etc. So now I’m looking at my check arriving the first week of February. THIS is when I obtained a BofA Cash Rewards card $10, 000 Limit and BofA Platinum Plus $18000 Limit. Was a customer of BOA since 2006: checking, savings, 3 credit cards with Total credit limit of 110K. I will be withdrawing all of my funds first thing in the morning. Well my husband can relax now as he's been telling me for years how rotten they are; now I believe him. 0000007442 00000 n 0000008306 00000 n Same thing happened to me. 0000006193 00000 n I get your point, but I already have a fifth third checking and a Chase savings, so the reason may be different as to why they are making this decision. 2 days later the regional manager called and apologized about the accounts closure, saying the best she can do for me is to file a formal complaint, I'd really like to start a petition through my lawyer and see how far law abiding citizens like us can fight this, anyone??? In 2016 I had 810-816 FICO with 0% Utilization, which is normal for me because I only use Credit Cards as a tool to buy/resell make money. If you need bank statements from an account that is closed and the original owner of the account is deceased, then you typically need to make this request in person. You can also close your checking or savings account by sending a letter to Bank of America, FL1-300-01-29, P.O. It gives me some comfort but at the same time makes me incredibly sad and angry to see so many other people have been treated this way by no fault of their own, and to see that the bank has been doing this for years. I've just spent the past few hours panicking after opening up the letters in the mail letting me know that both my business checking and savings accounts have been closed for no reason and I will never be able to open an account with BofA again. 0000007735 00000 n I thought because I have excellent banking history, it is good to keep an active account with this bank, although I have accounts at local banks whenever I relocated. Bad Move BoA. 0000015789 00000 n my question is it easy to open an account with different bank? Our Non-profit account was just closed without any warning. You are going in the wrong direction and punishing legitimate customers. I requested for an explanation for the closure. They blocked our credit cards which were paid on time and even where in the negatives, meaning BofA had excess credit on it. Saving your Online ID means you don't have to enter it every time you sign in. As well as you don’t have to give the Bank an explanation on why you’d like to close your account if you decided to. I just bought a car trying to buy a house but now they have flagged me from getting another account . Took us almost 2 weeks to find out it was because we were non immigrants thanks to a friend that works in the bank. 99.9% of Banks will decline your request to bank with them on the spot the other 0.01% of Banks will eventually close your account for the reason Bank of America stopped doing business you. Just closed my CC account. H�b``�g`��� ���(- ��P�� ��ϙ���V��Ab��C:C ��l�7(& w��y���j ���%y�ƆZ��?�w�?�p�o�i�r?�_`? Those points were earned at BOA, but it was big amount of $ spent to earn them, I could spent it at other bank, but I preferred BOA. I will tell all my kids to close their accounts too. You will get no more of our business, and we will share our experience with everyone we know. She took the money out in time. @Don Mock I wonder what is going on and what is driving these decisions for them to turn away customers. Wed, 11 Mar 2015 23:42:53 GMT I had about 13K in BoA and then got an 888 hold in my various accounts. BOA closed my account for no reason, and customer service is very very rude. Every time I call it's a no disclosure reason as to why. Turns out they were completely wrong and have since apologized. Bank of America is notorious for closing credit card accounts because they wanted to. I asked you to work with me to reverse some late fees because I was making the payments it just turns out that when the promotion expired my min payment doubled I wasn’t aware my account wasn’t adjusting with the min I thought it would automatically adjust. The letter should be signed by everyone whose name is on the account. BoA - all you had to do was tell us to update our profile information with a Bank manager and we would have complied. 0000008160 00000 n 0000009858 00000 n @tbill07 It is embarrassing and aggravating. 0000023374 00000 n 0000014583 00000 n 0000061224 00000 n I didn't need another checking account and this is very scary and frustrating. more than 20 years of banking with them, never over draft, on the contrary the made mistake a huge with my account long time ago and now this and they just keeping saying i just a business decision basically is like if they said "because i said so". BTW I'm African american and I was born right here in whats left of the USA. Called back later spoke with a supervisor and she wasn't any help either. 0000003179 00000 n I contacted a couple of branches and no help, and so i am using the web to notify all of the customers to beware of BOA. Tell Bank of America: Stop asking customers about their citizenship status. They closed my account today . Ace jupiter, @Acehockey Luckily, I called into customer service and after 3 transfers, was able to speak with a gentleman who applied the points to my $2, 100 card balance. The only fraud on my account was in May 2018 and I was credited the full amount with fees and was informed it was a "no loss claim." I worked for Bank of America for 26 years and retired in 2014 to take a job in Ghana for an NGO teaching technology. If they aren't making any money on you they don't want to do business with you regardless of your past relationships. 0000013240 00000 n @mistasteve I have no money they will cancel the surgery. The manager was not concerned that he would not have access to any money to buy groceries for that time. What a joke! Go to a local Bank of America branch to close your Bank of America account. I also had with them a mortgage which was paid always on time until I sold the property.

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