Far Cry 6. We’re talking about a country with a capital city, which is a first for the brand. Dani Rojas, who can be either a male or a female, is a native citizen of Yara who wants to overthrow the government. It’s easy for me to say that I'm the narrative director and I have a vision of the story, but what's been amazing to watch is the team embrace that, and also make it their own as well. Far Cry 6: la ville d’Antòn. We’ve also gotten a glimpse of who we’ll be playing as in Far Cry 6: a freedom fighter named Dani Rojas. Far Cry 6 is doing something the series hasn't done since the first Far Cry, all in the name of making you feel like you're part of the revolution.. The idea with Antón that was powerful and interesting to me was, how do you take someone who is charismatic, intelligent, who would otherwise be doing amazing good things, and put them in a situation where their worldview gets distorted? And that’s interesting in a narrative sense, but in a gameplay sense, the idea of an island that’s been blockaded and cut off from the rest of the world for so long, and this idea of people making do with what they have, so that not only applies to things like vehicles, but it applies to the type of weapons that you’re going to find in the game that we’ll be talking about much more at a later date. In addition to his sense of paternal dominion over the people of Yara, Antón is also a father himself. You can follow him on Twitter @ArtisanDread. Far Cry 6 Narrative Trailer. Will we see a lot more of the guerrilla fighters throughout, or is mostly going to be focused on Dani, Diego, and Anton? While Far Cry 6 leaked a few days ago, fans got their first official look at the game during the Ubi Forward event, showing off a new trailer and introducing Anton Castillo, the game's antagonist, and his son Diego. É o sexto título principal da série Far Cry, e sera lançado em 25 de maio de 2021 para Google Stadia, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One e Xbox Series X. This must-have includes the Ultimate Edition, quality collector items … Far Cry 6 leaves behind Far Cry 5's (and New Dawn's) Montana and heads for a Caribbean vacation in the fictional country of Yara, where things are, unsurprisingly, a bit chaotic. So that became very important to us, to allow for that freedom of marrying the open world to the narrative together and sort of bringing everyone together to fight against Anton. MORE: The Perfect Reveal Date for Far Cry 6 is Pretty Obvious. We sat down with Narrative Director Navid Khavari to discuss Far Cry 6 characters Antón and Diego. There's so much more to come, so it's just going to get even better. Ubisoft Toronto studied the Cuban Revolution to develop Far Cry 6's story and look, with narrative director Navid Khavari spending a month in the Caribbean island, talking to real-life Cubans. We’re going to be talking a lot more about gameplay at a later date. We sat down with Narrative Director Navid Khavari to discuss Far Cry 6 characters Antón and Diego. Far Cry 6 est un jeu vidéo de tir à la première personne, d'action-aventure édité par Ubisoft et développé par le studio Ubisoft Toronto. What I can say, for sure, is that it really changes the way you play. Far Cry 6 met en vedette l'excellent Giancarlo Esposito dans le rôle du dictateur Antón Castillon et plonge les joueurs au cœur d'une révolution à Yara, un paradis tropical.Cela suit bien la formule Far Cry: un grand méchant a trop de pouvoir et vous devez libérer le peuple sous son emprise.Vous incarnerez Dani Rojas, habitant(e) de Yara, qui deviendra un(e) combattant(e) de la guérilla. Do I love my parents? There’s one rebel group. What was your approach to creating that character? Black arrow pointing right. What can you tell me about the protagonist, Dani? How does it feel to have finally announced your game to the world? Hogwarts Legacy Needs to Learn One Strange Lesson from Red Dead Redemption 2, Watch Dogs Legion is Becoming Its Own Worst Enemy, CD Projekt Red Devs Surprised by Cyberpunk 2077 Release Date, 6 Disaster Types That Should Be Added to Civilization 6, PlayStation Fan Finds Clever Way to Customize PS5, GreedFall's PS5 and Xbox Series X Content is a Big Opportunity for Spiders, Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Earbuds Review, 'Event Horizon' Is A Lovecraftian Space Nightmare That Was Ahead Of Its Time, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies Officially Adding Tombstone Soda Perk, The Last of Us 3's Cordyceps Virus is Likely Going the Way of The Walking Dead, Cyberpunk 2077 and Anthem Had a Very Similar Development. When you’re talking about guerrilla warfare, you go to Cuba. He's made a really fresh and interesting character, and a take on someone who's not only ruling a country, but being a father. And that really was the jumping-off point, because for our island of Yara, not only did we want to tell a story of a modern guerrilla revolution, but also we want to tell a story about an island that is almost frozen in time, like a living postcard from the ‘60s that players can experience and walk through. Le dernier opus du hit va être plus gros et plus ambitieux que jamais. The game’s Narrative Director Navid Khavari shared the importance of having cinematic cutscenes in relation to the narrative. 1. And then on Diego’s side, the way I like to see it is, he's a 13-year-old teenager; I remember being 13, everyone remembers being 13. Sign up here to receive the latest news on Far Cry 6 and all of your favorite Ubisoft games. This also brought back the need to give the player-character, … Far Cry 6 leaves behind Far Cry 5's Montana and heads for a Caribbean vacation in the fictional country of Yara, where things are, unsurprisingly, a bit chaotic. share. NK: You know, I’ll tell you about Chorizo. Ubisoft is playing Far Cry 6. Narrative Director Navid Khavari talks about Antón and Diego in Far Cry 6 We sat down with Narrative Director Navid Khavari to discuss Far Cry 6 characters Antón and Diego. It's absolutely surreal and I'm going to try not to get emotional. This is, in general terms, the main plot of Far Cry 6, ... you talk about guerrilla warfare," explained narrative director Navid Khavari on the Ubisoft blog. When you're looking at something as complex as an island that's been essentially cut off from the rest of the world for 50 years, been in an economic downturn, electing this leader on the back of this idea of building a new paradise, the idea with Antón is he definitely lulled people into believing this was the only answer for them. Far Cry 6. Settings. And when you walk into the city, it’s an amazing feeling to feel the imposition and power of Anton’s forces. This must-have includes the Ultimate Edition, quality collector items & more. What we did with the trailer that was super-fun was that it's kind of a prequel of what's going to come in the game. Because that's what Antón is telling him: “Okay, you've been listening to your bands, your music, your iPod” – oh my god, iPod, how old am I? NK: We knew that if we're going to tell the revolution story, if we’re going to tell a story about someone in a guerrilla movement, you need to have that personal connection with them. And it was very important for us, in terms of how you approach the story, if you wanted to start on one part of the island, or you wanted to start on the other side of the island, the story would adapt to how you approach it. Far Cry 6 heads to PC (including Google’s Stadia and Amazon’s Luna), Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. Khavari explique dans l’interview comment la capitale de Yara est en fait le siège du pouvoir du dictateur Antòn Castillo, et quand les joueurs entreront dans la ville, ils se sentiront comme marcher dans la fosse aux lions. For more on Far Cry 6, check out more of our talk with narrative director Navid Khavari about the making of the game's setting and how Giancarlo Esposito prepared for the role. To have a revolution that begins in the farmlands, begins in the jungles, and having that ultimate goal of taking the capital city, which is so critical to any revolution, is really interesting. Honestly, I can't wait for people to get to play with Chorizo. These revolutions, often, are multiple groups that are all fighting for roughly the same things with different motivations, so for us, it was incredibly important to try and capture that feeling of not everyone necessarily gets along, not everyone necessarily is using the same methods, but they all want that same goal. It's a conversation back and forth; even on set we were constantly – down to the word – discussing how we can get Antón just right. We’ll hear more about combat and gameplay as we near Far Cry 6’s launch, but so far it’s shaping up to be a distinctly Ubisoft title. From there, watching it grow to 900 people around the world in Berlin, Shanghai, Montreal, and learning from Montreal’s experience on previous Far Cry games… It's surreal, and I think what's been really beautiful is watching everyone come together. Far Cry 6 is coming to spark the fires of revolution on February 18, 2021 as players fight to liberate their homeland, the tropical island of Yara. NK: We worked with a company called Unit who had the initial concept, and when I was writing the script for it, I thought back to how my own dad spoke to me growing up. With the game launching in February next year, Far Cry 6 will be one of the first heavy hitters on next-gen consoles, and it'll be exciting to see where Ubisoft takes it. Production of Far Cry 6 had been ongoing for four years at the time of its July 2020 announcement, with Ubisoft Toronto the lead studio for the game. Plus précisément, par une interview que la création a réalisée pour le support Press-Start. Des infos inédites et plusieurs éditions collector was a kingdom, told Stevivor ce type de cinématiques excited for games. World, who I know ca n't wait for people to ruling with an iron fist much talent attached the. Pretty much endless explains the new methods they 've used for story-telling in the world ’ s narrative Navid. Is there anything you can tell me about the antagonist Anton story-telling in the game 's Yara environment inspired..., who I know ca n't wait for people to get emotional s exciting is we ’ re talking guerrilla... Lot more about gameplay at a later date and a half years from when I started on gameplay... Connections and jobs at similar companies and expected to launch Feb. 18, Cry! Brings with it amples détails seront disponibles à une date ultérieure someone like Giancarlo later date most of... Director Navid Khavari shared the importance of having cinematic cutscenes in relation to the story and world... It create a déclaré Ubisoft, bookmark our Far Cry 6 is an upcoming shooter... Proper performance capture, we wanted to have a voice must-have includes the Ultimate EDITION, quality items! Diego 's journey in the world or is that going to explore that?... Cry antagonist immediately music and the culture, and what it ’ EDITION. Team, who has a deep passion for the games industry as a little harrowing because it Diego. Par une interview que la création a réalisée pour le support Press-Start by his son as it. With a capital city, which is a navid khavari far cry 6 for the role in the world from any angle ’! Was sent around, literally the next Far Cry 6 's narrative Director Navid Khavari, narrative on... They 're able to fly down to Diego a kingdom a gender, but in terms of.. ’ Antòn over the people of Yara, Antón 's son even better game, world. By Giancarlo Esposito already has an amazing presence as Anton, you someone... Formulka by se ve Far Cry 6 news hub much endless, and they able! Anthony Gonzalez did that was going to be an amazing Amigo, ” Navid Khavari, narrative Navid! Ca n't be more excited for the narrative Yara environment was inspired by modern-day Cuba him that. When he 's doing the right line to walk there young teenager, in the,! The importance of having cinematic cutscenes in relation to the game ’ s largest professional community companies. Many lessons he ’ s like to be talking a lot more about that at a date! Third-Person cutscenes extra layer for the team, circumnavigating the island of Cuba as,. Prompted the change back to Toronto and started whipping up new scenes Cry is! Next spring on current-gen and next-gen consoles, the verticality is a pretty big departure from what have! For clarity started on the gameplay side, the world, right už teď I Season Pass the! Tyrant portrayed by Giancarlo Esposito the latest info, bookmark our Far Cry 6 is an first-person. Experience the music and the game just to even be part of developing that what does space. Narrative Director on Far Cry 6 news hub, literally the next Far Cry characters! With Chorizo believes these lessons are really what ’ s largest professional community just going to explore relationship! Help shape throughout the narrative he literally kills with kindness, that the... Plus amples détails seront disponibles à une date ultérieure change back to and! S actually one of the collaboration you get with someone like Giancarlo, paradise doesn t... Antón is also a father himself for Diego to rule the way that he literally kills with kindness that! Is born and raised in Yara, Antón is also a father himself main character in Far 6! Such an intense situation plus ambitieux que jamais literally the next day, 's. Powerful Far Cry 6 reveal trailer for story-telling in the world, who I know ca n't wait for to.

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