Virtual teams can be important to the customer. Who it affects, who it helps. Our articles on virtual teams and home-based team members outline specific strategies for managing these different situations. How to do remote team building. Coaching is crucial in developing employees to their fullest potential and helping a team succeed. Be Fair. Competence - the ability to master tasks and to learn different skills. What you can do is remove unnecessary barriers and create an environment (even if it's virtual) within people can fulfill their need for autonomy, competence and relatedness. Of course, all team leaders need to focus on results but one of the challenges … To avert this, leaders should have routine one-on-one coaching sessions scheduled for each individual. Academics are running virtual classrooms and workshops with their students. Virtual Team Sociology With in the virtual connection is an opportunity for efficiency and team synergy unrealized in traditional teams and worker interaction. And this is where we come in. I'm a Leadership Coach & Workplace Culture Consultant at Heidi Lynne Consulting helping individuals and organizations gain the confidence to become better leaders for. It will be more valuable and it will be more valued. Getting to know team members is critical, even when face-to-face interaction is limited. Perhaps it’s much more important for your customer-facing people to be close to the customers than each other. A common challenge most teams face is knowing how to start off and navigate team meetings. Leaders can also use them for their onboarding or trainings as well. I always did team building exercises when I had my team in a room together. Otherwise, the virtual team will not perform and conflict will rule the day. Timing. I'm a Leadership Coach & Workplace Culture Consultant at Heidi Lynne Consulting helping individuals and organizations gain the confidence to become better leaders for themselves and their teams. Creative strategies, engaging workplaces. (Of course in some jobs this will be more possible than in others.). Oh sure, members of a virtual team are often highly compensated, but money is no longer a primary motivator – particularly among knowledge-based workers. (Obviously, take your cue from your team members as to how much personal information they're willing to share. and you know that Sara also takes cycling holidays, it's worth posting something along the lines of "Enjoy, Peter! The right tools can enhance communication and strengthen relationships while the wrong ones can create a greater disconnect. Improve the Quality of Communications. This helps to engage participants before the meeting so they don’t spend time during it trying to think about what they can contribute. Acquire critical skills leaders and members of a virtual team need for creating, maintaining and motivating successful virtual teams. Regular communication is the key to … Another concern is that at times, people are assigned t… As a result, they’re unable to work effectively and produce great work consistently. 5 Ways to Motivate Virtual Teams 1. Urging colleagues to accept accountability not just improves commitment, it additionally strengthens... 2. Role coordination is defined as managing the interdependent tasks of virtual team members. Communication is usually by electronic means” (p. 650). Learn more at or get in touch at A Gigaom report found “87% of remote employees feel more connected to their team when using video conferencing.”. Was it a particularly hard task? In a nutshell, you want people to be intrinsically driven by the work so that they do a good job. We are inspired by highly productive, efficient people. The biggest mistake leaders make is assuming what works for them is what works for their team. Despite what many think, expectations and goals should be touched upon during recruiting. For an effective virtual team, role coordination is very important. Communication is one of the main challenges leaders and remote teams face. Communication is more fragile when technology serves as the middle man. When you think they’re setting themselves a deadline that’s too tight or unrealistic, let them know and explain why. Think of how easy it is to say thank you to someone, (yes, that’s a reward) and how easy it is to say "you’re doing well, if you stay on track you’ll meet the deadline". Here are three ways new leaders can effectively manage and motivate their remote team. In the world of virtual teams, motivation isn’t really all about the money. Keeping remote teams engaged and motivated requires a conscious effort from leaders. It also just feels good to be praised, let’s face it. When you look at the part that Autonomy helps in being motivated to doing our best work, you can see why freelancers are the happiest workers around (research from 2009). There’s a body of research by Edward Deci and Richard Ryan which suggests that we are intrinsically driven by growth and self-fulfillment: that is, feeling like we’ve achieved our ambitions through our efforts. Leaders, both new and tenured, need to continue honing their virtual leadership skills so each team member feels valued and motivated. First, prepare. Second, learn your team’s personality type. However, it remains a polarizing issue across workplaces today. The why of what they do. Members of virtual teams communicate electronically and may never meet face-to-face. I've gained a breadth of knowledge working internationally in Europe, America and Asia. © 2021 Forbes Media LLC. 6) Remote teams feel isolated. Employees who are not in the office are often neglected and forgotten about. Virtual teams don’t need supervision—since members usuall y work alone they don’t need much from leaders, managers, or supervisors. Knowing how to motivate virtual team members is essential for team leaders. For example, if you see that Peter (let's call him Peter) has posted "Have a great weekend everyone, I will be thinking of you as I ride on my bike in Wales!" While it’s easier to blame a disconnected team on remote work, Alison Green, founder of Ask A Manager, asserts “too many managers don’t know how to manage well regardless of where their staff is located.”, Darko Jacimovic, co-founder of What To Become, said companies are reluctant to hire remote employees because they feel it prevents effective communication and hinders productivity and engagement. The unexpected makes us alert, almost like getting a bit high. According to Global Workplace Analytics, 4.7 million U.S. employees work from home on a part time basis. When you’re working within a virtual team, you have to trust that everyone else is getting on with their work. Encourage conversations that show how what one person does affects another, how everyone's work comes together. Video software tools can be used for more than just meetings. Click through five tips to help build strong virtual teams, as identified by The Vaya Group, a talent management consultancy. Beyond those measures, you can really strengthen the bonds between team members by setting aside some time for intentional virtual team building. Strategic Compensation. Of all the platforms I've dipped in and out of, I think that Yammer is the one which can help you address these three needs the best, especially Relatedness. With all of this, of course, praise, rewards and encouragement need to be sincere, not just a careful ploy to increase someone’s self-fulfilment. You may opt-out by. I've got some very bad news for you: the best motivation is that which comes from within and you can't generate that in other people. But you can adapt any of these ideas to whichever tool you're using. Turn Conference Calls Into Video Collaborations, Video conferencing helps remote workers feel more connected by humanizing communication. Deci and Ryan's self-determination theory suggests that if we fulfill three needs, we will be able to function at our best. In turn, the leader helps develop trust with their employees resulting in a more engaged and motivated team. He gives up and calls Sally to ask for help — an unnecessary distraction for both virtual team members. ), There are ways in which we can help team members feel autonomy. The desert island scenario. He went on to say a remote team is proven to be just as effective as in-office one, but it “requires the team to be managed a bit different to achieve the maximum result.”. Virtual Teams . The realization of these possible outcomes is reliant upon the development of new team sociology inclusive of all virtual t eam members with their varying geographies and Virtual Team Building (literally) I always did team building exercises when I had my team in a room together. People issues often tend to be the most frustrating aspect of project work. Virtual Team Building (literally). They also are complicated as each person who is part of a project team may have a specific personal agenda to fulfil along with their assigned roles and responsibilities for work packages or project tasks. As a consultant, I deliver and implement strategies to develop current talent and create impactful and engaging employee experiences. Autonomy – feeling like we’re in control of our behaviour and goals. Often these private agendas do not coincide with the objectives of the project or with the strategic objectives and vision of the organization. 3. You can use an online space to help with this – making clear in your posts how members are contributing to the team’s development, sharing information about progress that will help people prioritise the work themselves etc. When leaders provide regular coaching to their employees, they can identify potential gaps and focus on improving the skills for each individual. New leaders often get wrapped up in their day to day that they forget to check-in with their remote workers. So, if you have a loner in your group, you just might want to move them out and onto an individual project. Hansen said “letting words compensate for the limited ways you can keep them motivated and always encouraging your members to do more has a greater impact on productivity and creative ideas.”. The promise of additional compensation might motivate your team. Show them that you care. However, for larger teams this might not be feasible. This was a brilliant idea that a member offered on one of our coaching calls. To get the most out of meetings, leaders should create and send an agenda with meeting goals in advance so each team member can prepare. What is it specifically that your team member did well? Create some guidelines to help others use it in a way that feels natural, habitual and important to their job. It’s easy to feel isolated when you’re working from home. (For a quick reminder on respecting your team members' personal time too, have a look at Why You Should Respect Personal Time in Virtual Teams.). Tea vs Coffee: Live Virtual Coffee + Tea Tasting Class. Communication: Role coordination among the members of a virtual team is a challenge because of the following three main reasons: Virtual teams support flatter organization structure. First, you need to know how to motivate yourself. They believe that they are in full control of their goals and behaviour (at least when you’re at the mercy of a client, you’ve usually put yourself in that position! You will need to change your management approach if you want to offer virtual working arrangements. Make sure people understand their role in the team and the organisation. Or if you think your team might see this as a bit cheesy, then just write a normal post. Lead by example when managing expectations – help your team members to manage expectations too, so that they are in a position where they can over-deliver, with clients, with other people in the organisation, with other people in the team. 5 Key Elements of Successful Virtual Teams: 1. Yammer has a function designed to do just this, which you can use if you think it will be well-received. Virtual teams are made possible by a proliferation of fiber optic technology that has significantly increased the scope of off-site communication. Structured meetings require some planning. Although trust is paramount to a virtual team (Joshi, A., et al, 2009) and transformational leaders excel at developing trust amongst team members (Bass, 1997), leaders of virtual teams must clearly communicate expectations and develop policy and procedures to guide a virtual team- both skills in which transactional leaders excel (Bass, 1997). Companies hire me to to speak, coach, consult and train their teams and organizations of all sizes. Deci and Ryan suggest that unexpected rewards will help us feel competent. Do come back and tell us if you find a particularly scenic route, Sara might be interested." In a 2013 survey of office space costs by Entrepreneur, the average business was paying over $23 per square foot for productive space. Lost meeting productivity costs companies between $70 to $283 billion. Tea vs Coffee facilitates an exotic … Communicate With Your Staff. When you’re working within a virtual team, you have to trust that everyone else is getting on with their work. Amber Vilhauer, marketing strategist, has found using Loom to record a video instead of writing out a long email keeps her team engaged and productive. We respect your privacy and won't share your email address. You can't learn about ideas, attitude or concerns of your team … Most of the time, we know when we’re doing a good job. I'm a black belt in Six Sigma, former Society of Human Resources (SHRM) President and domestic violence mentor. The virtual teams offer unique challenges. Research conducted by Buffer shows that 19% of remote workers’ top challenge is feeling lonely. The goal is to make everyone feel comfortable sharing challenges, successes, solutions and ideas. Leaders, both new and tenured, need to continue honing their virtual leadership skills so each team member feels valued and motivated. This gives everyone a sense of responsibility. Promoting your team is … This is problematic because each individual is motivated by and requires different things. Maximize Potential With Coaching And Feedback. But sometimes (and this varies from person to person) we need validation from others. In order to overcome these challenges and unleash the creativity and potential of all the team members, the leader of the virtual team have to adopt a blend of the three leadership styles - transactional, transformational and situational. Use these ideas to challenge problem-solving ability, communications skills, creativity, and imagination. Establish virtual coffee chats with individual team members. Managers reported feeling burdened with the added responsibility of keeping their team engaged and productive. It’s equally important for leaders to reward, recognize and engage their team often. Simon Hansen, founder and blogger at Best Sports Lounge, believes the best method to motivating a remote team is by showing constant appreciation. Give them a picture of what’s necessary. But somehow with a remote, virtual team, I never considered that it was possible. What’s more, even just encouragement will help us with this. ... arrangement in which employees do not meet at a central location — can pose new challenges in employee engagement and motivation. 1. Ideally, these should occur on a weekly basis. This gives potential employees an idea of what’s required of them and if they’re capable of carrying out the responsibilities of the role. These needs are: This theory mainly looks at how the social context affects a person's motivation and wellness. To help motivate your … Expectations should be established around response times, availability, deadlines, individual responsibilities and team goals, to name a few. If we want people to deliver their best at work, we want to do what we can to either help our team members (and ourselves, don’t forget that you also want to be driven by a need to be your best ) fulfill these three needs, or, at the very least, to not get in the way. But... 2. Did they meet a difficult goal? But with a little added effort and determination, managing a virtual team can be a rewarding, and promising, experience. The key is to communicate early and often, show up consistently and to keep employees at the core of every decision. Then help them to adapt it. Don't restrict yourself to the professional arena - pick up on bits of personal information that people are willing to share in the space and use them to connect team members when relevant. Praise them in public. Many new hires struggle with knowing what’s expected of them. I often hear people ask, "how can I motivate my team?". Virtual teams are already a fact of the global marketplace as companies leverage global talent, and technology facilitates better communication. When possible, ask your people to set their own deadlines. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. In … Even with the right tools in place, leaders need to lead communication efforts. Many of us played similar icebreaker games like this in school. The Pros of Virtual Teams 1. Another issue with virtual teams is often that they are spread around the... 3. Create a blueprint.. After the strategy and benchmarks have been determined, keep them in … Or if you’re contracting freelancers, you want to make sure that they’re committed to the work they carry out for you and that they perform it to the best possible standard. The savings on real estate alone are substantial. Conflict on teams is largely a result of poor communication. Some ways they can do this is through weekly virtual team meetings, individual one-on-one’s, delivering praise, sending status updates, frequent check-ins, asking how they can help and reminding the team they’re there for support. To help participants settle in and feel relaxed, leaders should begin the meeting with some small talk. 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Relatedness or Connection, which refers to feeling a sense of belonging and attachment to other people. We and our team members, are part of the social context within which we're working. Since they are spread out and up close and personal association is uncommon, it is important that... 3. The team leader has to vividly convey the team?s ultimate purpose so that it motivates the team members. Results-Focus. It’s easy to misinterpret emails and feel isolated when team members don’t hear from their manager. Or if you’re contracting freelancers, you want to make sure that they’re committed to the work they carry out for you and that they … However, remote workers crave consistent communication with frequent check-ins and reminders that their leader is there to support them. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Taking the time to ask about the weekend, a recent holiday or anything mentioned in the days or week prior helps make employees feel connected. Virtual teams allow companies to procure the best talent without geographical restrictions. Reference [8] defined virtual project team as “spatially separated project team whose members are unable to communicate face to face. Communicate frequently and offer positive feedback. Edward Sturm, director of marketing for Reverb, advises new leaders “to pay super close attention to new team members to make sure they can keep up with the workload.” Setting clear expectations and providing regular feedback helps individuals reach their goals faster. It’s the leaders role to lead meetings, but the remote team members should be running it. As we’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, a friendly and collegial atmosphere – despite the fact that you’re not physically in the same space – is key in building a productive, more efficient remote team. Leading Virtual Teams: Three Cases James R. Johnson Purdue University Calumet Laurel Jeris Northern Illinois University This study investigated virtual team members’ and leaders’ perceptions of the role of the leader, and hindering and helping forces within virtual teams and their host organizations for developing leaders of such teams.

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