Needless to say, she can make herself fucking comparing her massive, easily beyond anything in the scale of Fary Tail. While choosing the Spriggans that I liked, I definitely kept in mind that Fairy Tail has also grown a lot stronger since the past. In other words, if Mahsima pulled a Kubo and made Brandish the Yammy of the series starting as the weakest only to be a lot stronger potentially,  Brandish would be only eclipsed in potential power by August, Laracade and Irene. Exertion- 337.2 EPa. Her feet alone would be slightly larger the Empire State Building, enough to extremely casually decimate an entire city block and this is the lower end size of her. frightening, now imagine a punch from her at full speedNow for potential energy/ We’ll go with the potential Kentic Energy of a single punch from her within her form.Brandish Mass(6.1 km): 2,257,632,843,510.8 kg or 2.2X10^12 kg2.2X10^12 kgVelocity:12.7km/secTime for ForcexDistance60.600.000.000.000  kgx12.7 km/sec3.641336013298569e+20  Newtons of engeryNow for ForcexDistance3.641336013298569e+20×12,700 m=4.624496736889183e+24 joule = 1 105 281 246.9 megaton [explosive] or 1.1 Petatons of TNT  ( Conttient Level)Enough to completely wipe out all of Europe with a single attack,  the effects would be devastating. Discussion Spriggan 12 General Thread Thread starter Nemispelled; Start date Aug 3, 2015; ... and learnt humility when she was the only Spriggan to be captured, and required Larcade, another comrade, to save her when he really doesn't have a reason to do so. by IreneBelserion69, Dec 1, 2018, 12:23:24 AM Journals / Personal ( Final Revision: Added scaling with skull dimensions,Added Volume and Breast Weight) Today at the request I will be doing “research” into the measurements of the Fairy Tail Females. Wahl Icht Respect Thread TheVivas. Jun 12… I found a respect thread with a couple Erza calcs, including the Meteor one at the bottom. Millionaire Howard Heath. She is regarded as the "Scarlet Despair" in the Empire, due to her peerless magnitude of power. I tried to do the Titans but only a few members fit the role. Darquesse is the true name of Valkyrie Cain and some sort of alternate personality that resides within her mind and only comes out when her life is in danger. Needless to say, Brandish would make the Tsar Bomba look like a Firecracker.DAT DRAGON ROARTo compare, Natsu’s Dragon Roar against Bluenote only generated  734 Gigatons, so Brandish is easily 10 times stronger than base Natsu holding back.Ikusa-Tsunagi vs Pica size revisionsI figure I revise the scaling of Ikusa-Tsunagi and rescale him and compare his size to that of Pica, his massive counterpart within One Peice for the lulz.Summmoning 843 px ( 443.68421 meters ) Tree:38 px (20 meters)Now for the summoning’s dimmesonsArmsx2Arm diameter: 1/6(73.95 meters)^2Arm Length: 2/ 6 (147.895 meters)Volume of  Arms:808,778.9667375m^3ShouldersShoulder diameter:  170 px (   89.4736841  meters   )^2Width:24 px(12.631 meters)Volume of shoulders: 9,047,397.9836 m^3Chest Length: 265 px (139.474 metAnd far stronger than Ikusa-TsunagiYikes, they’re not kidding with the “Country Demolisher” name considering Brandish’s vaporization energy is easily Country level. Mard geer is definately above Warrod. I don't consider any of them threatening. Needless to say I can canonically picture Brandish still playing with dolls but rather than collecting dolls and toys, she shrinks entire cities into the size of playhouses.Now time to get serious calculate the volume of the shrunken Caracole IslandThe volume of stepping stone: 8,448 Cubic Centimeters  The volume of rock: 2.7 grams/CCRock’s Mass:  22.8 Kilograms/ 50.3 PoundsNow for the interesting math here.Carcocle Island Volume in CC:8,540,018,676,000,000The volume of stepping stone: 8,448 Cubic Centimeters  Overall Voume loss:1,010,892,362,215.909  or  1 Tirllion times differenceCaracole Island Mass lossCarcaole Island mass:2.30580504252e+16 KgStepping Stone mass: 22.8 Kilograms/ 50.3 PoundsOverall Mass Loss:1,011,318,001,105,263  or  1 Qaurdillion Times differenceNow for Brandish and how small she can make herself and othersBrandish’s height:167cm or 1.67 meters1.67m/7638=2.186436239853365e-4  or 21.8 μm So Brandish can shrink herself smaller than a human skin cell.Now for mass, the maximum shrinking ability of Brandish by mass.Brandish is 59Kg59km/1 Quadrillion times0.000000000000059   or 5.9 picograms, the weight of     DNA in a typical diploid human cell Now for the tally. When Zeref asked member Invel to gather the other eleven members, he noted that such a task on such short notice would be extremely difficult due to some not able to attend, … Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. We would be using these scales as a basis for height measurements of the characters. Yes, Even like a few days ago, there was a page revision that gave Zeno resistance to existence Erasure (hakai) and the moment they noticed, a mod reopened the thread without any warning, waited for a few people (way less than the ammount of people who discuss that very subject since october) to say they disagreed and then reclosed the thread and removed it from his page. What do you think the 12 means in Spriggan 12? Estimate that the area of the heel on a man’s shoe is 10 in2. Since all the stuff with Dragon Slayer magic was defined, I felt more persuaded to think Bloodman doesn't use DeSM. This Respect Thread uses 2009's Oxford World's Classics translation by Jesse Byock. That means at most Brandish only used  1/80th of her actual potential stopping power in this feat. This explains why people with wood floors don’t want women walking on them in high heels.”In other words, women with heels have more devastating punching power than a boxer. Darquesse is an extremely powerful sorcerer, debatably the most powerful in the entire series on par with Mevolant himself. Going by her magical potential, she could easily exceed 12.7 km in height multiply her height by 7,638 which if she did manage to do that, she would be far from the weakest Sparrgain 12 member like in canon. Markov in Super Titan form in Tenerou Island looks like a baby by comparison and Kikasturngari looks like a  tiny toy.Going by the direct size comparison, she makes up considerable mass and size of Manhattan.After all, Brandish is Yammy on Steriods,  Casual country destroying steroids…  Now to get the potential mass and possible Destructive Capacity by Sheer Virtue of size with this theoretical increase in size and power.Now let’s get to what Brandish’s possible capabilities are about and her full potential if Mashima used her the same way Kubo had Yammy be strictly stronger than he leads on.Remember in the calc earlier before this I had Markov at the most 1,459 m or roughly 1.46 km? ... Acnologia vs Spriggan 12 Thread starter ShinningKnight; Start date Jun 12, 2017; ShinningKnight. For example, August, in my view, is the "Honorable Commander." That’s nothing compared to how big Brandish could make…Let’s go with 130 lbs or 59kg  for Brandish height being 5’6″ o 167cm  going by the fact she’s roughly the same height as…Brandish’s Body Volume: meter³0.06LengtLet’s go by the lower end 6,151 Meter height and go with the higher end 12.7km  as the higher end. Imagine Brandish vs Markov in a Giant battle.Regardless Brandish upgrades the verse considerably with not only an extremely casual Island level feat but also casual Small Country/Country level vaporisation. Spriggan 12 Reunited Subscribe to my channel guys for more videos and comment down bellow. Once again all from merely the weakest Sparrtgian 12 if we take into account the 8 Teraton level attack was merely her casual power.To put into scale, the human body has 70 trillion cells. With the spriggan, he would prolly lose due to the ridicolous power inflation. Brandish’ Volume(6.1km):2235280043.0 8 M^3Mass of Human by cubic meter:1,010 kg/m^3Brandish Mass(6.1km):2,257,632,843,510.8 kg or 2.2X10^12…… In short, Brandish has more mass than  Global biomass of fish and roughly half the mass of  World crude oil production in 2009.This is merely the energy she generates at merely walking speed walking aroundAverage Walking speed: 1.34 Meters Per SecondF: 1.34m/s^2×2,257,632,843,510.8=462605533807.9925  NetwonsNow for a distance of each…average step length is 2.6 feet or about 31 inches/78cmBrandish is 167cmIn this form, she’s over 6151m78cm/167cm=0.46706586826347310.4670658682634731x6151m=Brandish step length=2872.922155688623 meters1 329 029 687 421 144 joule = 317.645 718 79 kiloton [explosive]Crap she’s a walking nuke going by sheer mass and standard walking speed alone, meaning every step she makes, she’s producing a force equivalent to modern medium yield Hydrogen Bombs Again this is the merely physical size and mass, no magical spellsThe Teenrou tree alone’s physical mass eqauivlented to the force of being hit with a 2.4 Kilton Nuke.

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