YouGarden Buxus Topiary Plants Pyramids (Pair) 3.8 out of 5 stars 30. Artificial Topiary; Buxus/Box; Cedrus; Cryptomeria; euonymus; Ilex (Holly) Ilex Crenata Topiary; Juniperus; Laurus Nobilis (Bay) leylandii; Ligustrum; Photinia; Pinus (Pine) Prunus Lusitanica (Portuguese Laurel) Viburnum; Yew (Taxus Baccata) Trees; Trees Pleached; Trellis Climbers. WINTER SALE - Usually 59.99, today just 39.99 - Save £20! © 2020 Sutton Manor Nursery | Dartford Rd, DA4 9HZ. Topiary. 2x (Matching Pair) Buxus Pyramid Cone Shaped Plants 60-70cm Tall (inc pot) Supplied Growing in 7.5 Litre Pots ''Buxus Sempervirens'', commonly known as Box is a wonderful hardy evergreen shrub which has glossy dark green leaves which are bright green when young, ideal for topiary use. Buxus sempervirens (Common Box) Pyramids. Usually dispatched within 2 to 3 days. Due to its evergreen and glossy leaves, this plant will last all year round if cared for correctly. Topiary Pyramids look stunning and they are sure to create an instant impact in … It is capable of being trimmed into a very tight hedge with a high finish. Buxus Topiary Cones are generally planted in pairs creating a symmetrical effect or at the corners of a low growing boxwood hedge to create a geometric balance. With it’s notable cone-like shape, Topiary Pyramids are the perfect ornamental piece for any garden. Box Buxus sempervirens Topiary Pyramid 50-60cm £23.15 Buxus Topiary Pyramids - Box Is Tops! However you use them, Buxus Topiary … Buxus is also Latin for flute; it is said that Roman gardener Pliny grew Buxus for making musical instruments. All content © Copyright 2005-2021 Hedges Direct Ltd. Limited and protected under UK and international law. Grown in troughs or bags that measure 50cm-1 metre in length and carefully clipped during the growing season. It is best loved as a neatly clipped low hedge or use in geometric topiary shapes like these ever-popular Buxus Sempervirens Cones, also known as Buxus Pyramid Topiary. Topiary Trees are slow growing and are easy to care for with minimum knowledge of plants. English Yew (Taxus baccata) topiary pyramid is an evergreen Conifer that is native to the British Isles. WINTER SALE - Usually 59.99, today just 39.99 - Save £20! Clipped exquisitely to shape this plant, will make for the perfect statement piece outside your front door, or even along your garden pathway. We source all our Buxus plants from one exceptionally good grower in southern Holland so regardless of … In hotter weather conditions water regularly with a minimum of twice a week, and in winter don’t allow your plant to dry out. Buxus topiary pyramids are perfect for giving your garden and patios instant structure and are guaranteed to give a formal and sophisticated look. Both topiary shapes are relatively large but fantastic for creating garden features and adding some mystery to your outdoor area. £4.95 delivery. Topiary. Share: Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; Email; Click to enlarge Box Common Box Egyptian Pyramid Shape 50/60cm. This ability to form a tight hedge also allows it to be trimmed into all sorts of topiary shapes. More Info From £36.99 Out of Stock. 00. Plant on their own where you want to emphasise structure. Plus, highly realistic artificial topiary balls, spirals, obelisks and cones all created crafted in weather / UV resistant materials. Dating back to 4,000 BC, Egyptians used clipped box hedges in their gardens. They are mature plants that provide dense coverage very early on, ideal for when you need a thick hedge quickly. Topiary Cones and Pyramids look stunning planted into containers, standing proudly at an entrance or doorway, planted en masse or even combined with softer plants, such as grasses and perennials, to add a contrast in texture. Perfect to spruce up a lonely spot by the door, or on the deck. £39.00 £ 39. However, they grow best when positioned in sunny spots with partial shade. Topiary, a term used to describe the pruning of plants, has been popular since the Roman times. A pair of these tightly clipped evergreen box pyramids is excellent for flanking a set of steps, doorway or path. Topiary Cones and Pyramids look stunning planted into containers, standing proudly at an entrance or doorway, planted en masse or even combined with softer plants, such as grasses and perennials, to add a contrast in texture. Box (Buxus sempervirens) and. Cupressocyparis Leylandii ‘Castlewellan Gold’ (Leyland Cypress) – Spiral & Ball. in 10 litre pots. They come in a wide range of sizes, from 10cm to 2.5m so they're suitable for the majority of planting requirements. A Style statement in Fresh Foliage. Your Topiary Tree should be kept moist but free of drainage. Box Pyramids - Egyptian Pyramid shape Buxus Topiary You are here: Home » Topiary Plants » Box Topiary Plants » Box Pyramids - Egyptian Pyramid shape Buxus Topiary. Topiary cones and pyramids make a great addition to any outdoor space whether they’re placed symmetrically outside your front door, as a centrepiece for your garden or along garden paths. Buxus sempervirens (common box) pyramids make superb specimen topiary plants. Box Spirals. Pot grown plants can be planted year round and make a convenient option. Field grown, bare roots are young plants that are only planted when they are dormant, from autumn to spring. These are one of our recommended plants, they're perfect for positioning in these swanky planters in a partially shady site, where the glossy, green leaves provide all year foliage interest and structure. Hence, it is also very well suited to growing in containers. English Yew (Taxus baccata) come in various sizes - measured by height and width of base. 4.1 out of 5 stars 5. Furthermore, your Topiary Tree will only need to be clipped once, maybe twice a year, and to feed and keep your plant healthy, spray it regularly with Top Buxus. Box topiary pyramids can be grown in containers/planters or in the ground, as specimens or as part of a knot garden or parterre. Also field grown, root ball plants are scooped out of the ground using machinery to keep their root system intact and wrapped in bio-degradable, hessian sacks. Free delivery on orders over £100 - Learn More. Fabulous for pots and containers and perfect as a special gift. Pair of Premium Quality Topiary Buxus PYRAMIDS - Stylish Contemporary Plants. The smallest pyramids we have are 80cm high with a 45cm width at the … Characteristics Foliage: Evergreen Habit: Bushy Hardiness: H6 Seasonal Colour: Autumn: Green Spring: Green , Yellow Summer: Green Winter: Green Sunlight : Sunlight: Partial Sun, Full Sun Aspect : Noth, South, East, West Exposure: Sheltered or Exposed Soil: Soil: Sand, Clay, Chalk, Loam FREE Delivery. More Info From £59.99. 1. We lift bare root plants and despatch them during the season but they can be pre-ordered in summer. Box Pyramids - Egyptian Pyramid shape Buxus Topiary. A carefully pruned selection of natural topiary balls, standard-trees, obelisks and shaped bushes in buxus sempervirens, disease-resistant Ilex crenata or moss. Stunning root ball Yew (Taxus baccata) Topiary Pyramids to add an interesting evergreen feature to your garden. Product ref: DEAL15489-PYR. They have a highly compact growing habit which makes them ideal for topiary and hedges. Box prefers lime based ground, and wild buxus sem… Spiral Shape Buxus Topiary. With it’s notable cone-like shape, Topiary Pyramids are the perfect ornamental piece for any garden. We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your shopping experience, to provide our services, understand how customers use … Box (Buxus) in round balls and columns, Camellia standards and pillars, clipped Bay (Laurus) trees, pyramids and cones in Box Honeysuckle (Lonicera) plus many more. Topiary cones and pyramids are popular amongst households. SoilBuxus plants will thrive in any reasonable garden soil with adequate drainage. Due to its evergreen … Topiary Buxus pyramids door step planters screwed down for security Slow growing buxus, clipped into tidy geometric shapes, including balls, pyramids, and stylish spirals. It is very slow in its growth and this makes it very manageable and suitable for being able to be trimmed into smart geometric shapes. Topiary plants are a great way to add structure and formality to your garden or courtyard. Buxus Sempervirens Pyramid 60cm 5 Litre: Very dense small-leaved native evergreen, with dark green glossy, leathery leaves which give off an unusual sweet smell. Topiary No longer exclusive to stately homes and castles, topiary plants are a British tradition that can bring a sense of class and luxury to your garden. Spiral Topiary; Topiary Balls; Topiary Cones; Topiary Cubes; Topiary Animals; Topiary Shapes; Spiral Topiary. Supplied clipped 40-60cm tall Pot Grown ready to plant. Characteristics. In Britain, three burial sites of the Roman era featured coffins lined with sprays of evergreen box. Potted Evergreen Box Ball Plant Buxus Shrub Topiary for Outdoors, Hedging & Patio Containers, 1 x Buxus semperviren Ball Plants in 26cm Pots with Barrel Pot by Thompson & Morgan. Topiary Box - Buxus Sempervirens. Topiary. Buxus Sempervirens Pyramids, are clipped and shaped and will look stunning in a pot or in the ground. But what’s the difference between the two? However, it is a very adaptable plant, and will grow well in almost any situation except a permanently water-logged soil. Clipped exquisitely to shape this plant, will make for the perfect statement piece outside your front door, or even along your garden pathway. £29.99 £ 29. Topiary has increasingly come back into vogue in recent years, generally using dense, small-leaved evergreens with varieties such as English Yew (Taxus Baccata), Box plants (Buxus Sempervirens) and bay laurel (Laurus nobilis) amongst those best suited. If you’re looking to add depth to your garden, opt for topiary pyramids or cones. More Info From £44.99. Topiary is living architecture. It is tolerant of shade, as well as thin chalky soils and will in fact grow in most soil types unless they are very wet or exposed to cold winds. SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 149.99, today just 74.99 - … Plant(s) per metre: Minimum order quantity: 1. 99. Select Your Cookie Preferences. Our friendly and knowledgable staff are here to help with any questions you may have and endeavour to answer all questions promptly and succinctly. Our instant hegding troughs create a dramatic, instant hedge effect. The ideal site for a box plant is in a deep fertile well drained soil in a sheltered partially shaded site in a temperate climate. Pair of Premium Quality Topiary Buxus PYRAMIDS - Stylish Contemporary Plants. Please Send All Enquiries To: Their unique shape can make your garden feel and look more spacious. Buxus Topiary Pyramids - Box Is Tops! The largest Box pyramid we have in the nursery is approximately 170cm tall with a width of 60cm at the base. Buxus pyramids are elegant for either side of a doorway to create an attractive entrance feature to your home. Due to the size and weight of this product requiring specialist delivery, there is a minimum order quantity on this item. Our range includes both real and artificial topiary plants and trees. Because of their evergreen leaves they are hardy, meaning they can survive in  temperatures as low as -20. Sutton Manor Nursery aim to make all customers feel at ease when buying from us. Topiary Pyramids. As Topiary Trees are for outside use only, they will need sun to survive. Box (Buxus sempervirens) topiary pyramid is a British native plant. Buxus are slow growing, evergreen shrubs with small, glossy, dark green leaves. These perfectly shaped Box Topiary (Buxus) pyramid cones are easy to maintain - trim twice a year Great in modern pots and containers - zincs, ceramics, or just classic real terracotta Or plant straight into garden soil, where they are more tolerant of full sun than in pots. Faulkner Box Topiary Balls . More. Mixed Native Hedging Packs - Blackthorn Based, Mixed Native Hedging Packs - Hawthorn Based, How Hedging Can Help Reduce Air Pollution. Larger specimens can be ordered on request. Topiary cones and pyramids make an excellent addition to your outdoor space, particularly in more formal-style gardens. Of late, however, it has soared in smartness as blight has forced gardeners to seek alternatives to Buxus and to think (if you’ll permit me) outside the box. £59.99. Price Includes VAT; Clipped and shaped, slow growing; Description. Buxus Balls (Buxus sempervirens) Topiary Characteristics Supplied 25-30cm Diameter, 5 Litre.. Small tufty yellow flowers appear from late winter. These are trees and shrubs crafted into shapes or balls that make impactful statements when placed in your home’s entrance or garden. As they are cheaper to grow, they are one of our most affordable hedge planting options. Slow growing and shade tolerant, Buxus Box has traditionally been used for topiary work.

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