Risers should also be at least 4 inches in height. The most popular include adding integral color, staining and applying dry-shake color hardener. This porch has 9 sq. Turn steps into a beautiful part of your yard. (.11 + .17 cubic yards = .28 cubic yards). WHAT IS CONCRETE RESURFACING? pre made outdoor steps, pre made wooden porch steps, pre made steps for outside, custom forms for porch steps, frabricated wood entry steps, metal casting for backyard steps ideas, Outdoor steps nearest tricks. 60 beautiful outdoor garden step ideas - including flagstone, cement, brick and wood. They should be in proportions that will comfortably accommodate the average person's stride. Concrete porch steps are often easier to color integrally because of their vertical step faces. Century Three Tread Concrete Step With Handrails at Home Entrance, Click Here to view the International Building Codes Check out these cool gravity defying steps. If you already have a flat concrete pad, you won't have to remove it, you would just have to cut the concrete blocks so that you got the appropriate rise and run. Plus, step edges may be prone to chipping and spalling if the concrete is weak or not allowed to cure properly. Century Century Group Precast Concrete StepsSteps®, Inc. has its own approved testing lab which allows it to continually test and monitor raw materials insuring that the quality of our product is never compromised. Color hardener and integral color are the methods most commonly used with stamped concrete, with each offering advantages and disadvantages. Century Steps®, Inc. has continued to be the leader in the concrete step industry because of its commitment to quality. Use the footing calculator to calculate the sides of the porch and the steps. They are made from a reusable polyurethane material and are simply attached to the inside of the riser form before the concrete is poured. The faces of these concrete step treads look like chiseled stone. Resurfacing concrete is a great way to restore concrete with minor damage to the surface. The total concrete needed for the 3' by 3' porch will be .28 cubic yards. Safe, durable, our step will last a lifetime. STONE STEPS. Fungi, insects, heat, humidity, excessive precipitation or decay will not affect their permanence, performance or safety. Concrete steps can be poured right along with your walkways or entryway, so they can be colored and … These were very easy to build and cost less then $100. The TOP CHOICE For Precast Concrete Steps & Stairs. The handrails are one piece, all welded construction allowing them to be installed by one person in minutes. Calculating the amount of concrete needed for steps or stairs can seem tricky, but just follow this example: If there are three steps leading up to a porch: Use this handy concrete calculator to help you do the math. Add safety and style to your outdoor spaces Add safety and style to your outdoor spaces with this molded handrail. Step-Liners produce amazing depth of relief of up to 1 1/2 inches. The Century step is portable, manufactured of high strength, lightweight, steel reinforced concrete for durability and convenient installation. Rails for stairs should be continuous and installed at a height that accommodates most users. Concrete Steps Related Categories. Photo courtesy of Brickform. Depending on the size, a one-piece step, without any professional help, can cost anywhere from as little as $170 to more than $750, excluding shipping. For people who would like a more solid and durable set of steps than those constructed of wood, concrete steps are a good option. For over six (6) decades Century Steps® has provided the highest quality precast concrete steps to provide a safe and attractive entrance to homes, businesses, temporary buildings, pre-manufactured homes and a vast array of industrial applications. Low-strength fiber reinforced concrete was used in order to minimize shrinkage cracking. Concrete steps can be poured right along with your walkways or entryway, so they can be colored and textured to match. Learn how designer Fu-Tung Cheng made 300-pound steps magically “float on air”. Look at our history and you’ll find that Century Steps® has pioneered most of the major advances in the precast concrete step industry. For more inspiration, browse through our photo gallery or ask contractors to show you portfolios of their past projects. Tables & Benches Splash & Parking Blocks Concrete Pads & Piers Search within Concrete Steps: Century Group. The research also indicates that tread widths of 10 to 13 inches and riser heights of 6 to 8 inches are the most foot-friendly., for instance, breaks down the sizes and costs on its official pricing sheet. Resurfacing also refreshes the look, through stamping, staining, or other decorative techniques. The most important dimensions are the riser height and tread depth. To achieve a cohesive visual effect with greater dramatic impact, consider combining decorative concrete walkways with stamped or stained stairways and landings that incorporate coordinating colors and patterns. Here are some important tips for reducing injuries: To prevent tripping, make sure all risers and treads are uniform throughout a flight. Set another course of blocks over the first layer. feet of porch surface, so enter in the slab calculator 4" thickness by 3' width by 3' length. Most projects range between $900 and $5,000. Project submitted by Dan Mattingly, Mattingly Concrete Inc., Indianapolis, Ind. The lightweight design makes installation easy. Another handy way to imprint granite, slate, and other stone-like textures on narrow step treads and vertical faces is to use small texture rollers, such as these from Butterfield Color. Century Group Step Handling and Delivery Video: Century Precast Concrete Step at Even greater visual impact is possible by combining decorative stairways with stamped or stained concrete walkways and landings that incorporate coordinating colors and patterns. Quality and safety are two words Century Steps® does not take lightly and continues to make them the highest priorities. Potting Soils & Mulch; STIHL; Pressure Washers; Battery Lawn Mower; Herbicides; Seeds; Outdoor Living; Drinks & Snacks; Farmer's Almanac; Toys; see more; ... 3 Step 7" Rise 48" Concrete Steps. Each step is broom swept for a non-skid surface. Rather than going with a sharp 90-degree step edge, you can create a variety of curved architectural profiles by using step liners made of polystyrene foam. Century steps are also sold to construction, Century Group Precast Concrete Stepsindustrial and military customers for use at temporary construction offices, mobile tool trailers, warehouses, loading docks, platforms, access to below grade structures, barracks, temporary housing, etc… For more information click on the link to email the Century Group Steps® Division or call 1-800-527-5232. This can be done by using a textured finish, such as exposed aggregate, or by adding an anti-slip grit to the protective sealer coat. Century Steps®, Inc. was the first company to design and develop step handling bars, buggies, forklift attachments and chain slings to handle steps in a safer and more efficient manner. Add texture to the concrete treads to make them slip resistant. Compare Homeowner Reviews from 2 Top Brevard Concrete Patios, Walks and Steps Install services. This totals .11 cubic yards. Being durable, simple to install, economical and versatile makes the Century step and its accessories a very attractive addition to your product line and will enhance your profitability in the future. Call on Bison Iron and Step in Buffalo, NY at (716) 893-5777. Perfect for your front door, garage door or patio. Your concrete steps will lie upon a subbase of granular fill, like open-grade stone, which will protect your poured concrete steps from shifts in the earth or deterioration. In this video we go over how we built and poured 10 concrete stair steps. Click to add item "Two Step Landscape Block Stairs Project Material List 2'6" W x 1'2" H" to the compare list. $226.99. 99 The prefabricated concrete steps are suitable for use around the outdoors of homes. Concrete stairs or steps can also be restored, as seen in this project. They are much lighter than the concrete steps poured from scratch, meaning that you can position them where you please without needing a lot of additional supports. Specially molded polyurethane form liners make it easy to cast concrete steps that resemble slabs of quarried stone. Century Four Tread Step with Aluminum Handrail at Home Entrance. Many decorative sidewalk projects will require steps to transition from one elevation to another, especially at entryways. Elevating concrete stairs from bland to grand makes them the dramatic focal point of any front entrance. Can be used inside or outside. I show you how to easily build cinder block steps over a weekend. Venetian Smooth Cover existing outdoor concrete stairs with these modern smooth overlay patio tiles. When planning the look of your concrete stairway, don't sacrifice functionality for flair. Protected by pressure treatment from termites, rot and fungal decay.

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