Unlike a traditional center, he possesses speed and long-range shooting ability to complement his height, power and rebounding. Akira Sendoh (仙道 彰, Sendō Akira?) Looking for information on the anime Slam Dunk: Shouhoku Saidai no Kiki! As such, he only enters the court when his presence is really needed, such as when the team is behind and struggling. He regards himself as a genius though, with self-confidence that borders on arrogance. Sweet and with a captivating personality, she is always around to cheer on the players, especially her brother Takenori, who is extremely protective of her and taught her the basics of basketball, and Sakuragi, whom she considers her best friend. Along with Miyagi and Ayako, he always tries to bring out the most of Hanamichi's talent. Kainan’s training regimen is so tough that it weeds out half the incoming players within the first week, and another half within the first month. is one of the minor players from Shohoku. Unwilling to accept the loss, Hanamichi strengthens his marking over Fukuda in the second half. Jersey no.#13/188 cm/80 kg/Power Forward. Recognizing that shooting was Sakuragi's weakness, he made him make 20,000 baskets in a week to get ready for the national tournament. Fukuda’s personality turned out to be more sensitive, and after a year of criticism, he snapped, attacking Taoka during a practice match. Before the match, he had stated that he would hold Mitsui to no more than 5 points. He is voiced by Kouzou Shioya. This also changed Anzai's former strict attitude to his now mild temper, for which he is now known as the "White-Haired Buddha.". Miyagi becomes the captain of the team after Akagi and Kogure leave the team. Ryonan coach Moichi Taoka saw potential in both Fukuda and Sendoh starting from when they joined the team together. Her last name is unknown. Takato correctly deduces that Sakuragi will not take Yoshinori seriously enough to properly mark him, enabling Yoshinori to be effective. One of his hobbies is fishing, and he has a taste for lemons. Akagi, together with Ayako and Haruko helped the four in reviewing for their make up exams in which they passed. Domoto remains cool and collected during the Shohoku-Sannoh match, and only makes two mistakes that end up costing Sannoh the match. From Kogure’s revelation of Mitsui’s prior history with basketball, Hotta realizes that Mitsui deep down wants to play again, and is persuaded by Sakuragi’s Gang to share the blame with them for attacking the team, getting the team off the hook for fighting. Hisashi Mitsui (三井 寿, Mitsui Hisashi?) With Aouta, lampshaded by Kogure more than once. Kainan lost in the semifinals in the previous National Championship, where they faced the defending champion Sannoh, losing by 30 points. zh:植草智之, CS1 maint: Multiple names: authors list (. keeps playing despite a potentially crippling injury, Who died of a heart-attack when he was in junior high. The team has mastered the full court press defense and can trap even the fastest point guards and immobilize their opponents' offense. Instead of being discouraged, he became a shooting guard, where he could put his talents to better use. Jersey no.#4/178 cm/66 kg/Point Guard and Coach. Sakuragi likes to refer to him as "Boss Monkey" because he is as well-built as Akagi, and even taller. However, their major weakness is their weak bench and as a result must rely completely on their starting lineup. Thus, in the latter halves of games, he has not always been as reliable - he was completely worn out in the game against Shoyo, missed a potential game-winning shot against Kainan, and collapsed on-court during the game against Ryonan. Hanamichi Sakuragi, a tall, boisterous teenager with flame-red hair and physical strength beyond his years, is eager to put an end to his rejection streak of 50 and finally score a girlfriend as he begins his first year of Shohoku High. He regards Sakuragi as an idiot and both normally fight. His skills are typical of a point guard: strong passing and dribbling, as well as an understanding of the game that allows him to be a floor leader. Fukuda however, turned out to be quite sensitive. One of the reserve players, Teruo Okawa, is a friend of Hikoichi Aida's from junior high. although Yohei is the only one able to help with actual advice. She is voiced by Eriko Hara. he utterly defeats Sakuragi in a one-on-one match. A sincere variation. Despite their loyalty and willingness at offering a hand whenever convenient, they often tease Sakuragi, for which they receive headbutts on their foreheads. They do not actually meet each other until the last match of the Interhigh Tournament, when Fukuda outplays Sakuragi for the first half and lights the fire within him, with the words "I won, Sakuragi". 210 cm/130 kg. Haruko Akagi (赤木 晴子, Akagi Haruko?) Best Players of the Slam Dunk Anime&Manga Series. Jin has a very mild personality and is always looking calm and agreeable. Hikoichi also idolizes Ryota because he is a starter for Shohoku despite his short height (Ryota is only three centimeters - about one inch - taller than Hikoichi). was an MVP for Takeishi Junior High. His unimposing presence (by comparison, he is 5 cm shorter and 10 kg lighter than Hikoichi Aida) distracts opponents from his real basketball skills, especially his reliable 3 point shooting, the accuracy of which is comparable to Jin's and Mitsui's 3 point shooting. Fukuda is the other ace Ryonan has up their sleeve. They favor a run and gun style of play and have a wide breadth of offensive capabilities. An easygoing person, Sendoh usually has a smile on his face whether on-court or off. She calls him "Ta-chan" instead of by his last name, which irritates Sakuragi immensely. He also bears a striking resemblance to his mother. At the end of the manga instead of preparing for the entrance exams he stays with the team for the winter tournament in an attempt to earn an athletic scholarship because he feels he isn't smart enough to pass the exams. After Mitsui leaves the gang and rejoins the team, Tetsuo later runs into him after the former is heading home after getting his knee checked. [2] As part of the development from the characters, Inoue wants the readers to feel achievements as well as love for the sport. He rejoined the team and vowed never to fight again. Haruko often appears at matches together with Sakuragi's cohorts and her two best friends, Fujii and Matsui. His offensive power rivals many of the best players in the Kanagawa prefecture and is seen throughout the series doing alley oops with Sendoh as the passer but his defensive ability is weak and can be easily exploited. Jersey no.#4/197 cm/6'6"/78in 90 kg/198 lb Center Birthday 05/10 Shoe Brand:Converse. Kenji Fujima is the point guard and coach of Shoyo. Shinichi Maki (牧 紳一, Maki Shin'ichi?) Jersey no.#10 189.2 cm/6'2"/75in 83 kg/183 lb Power Forward. He is the leader of the feared "Sakuragi's Gang", which consists of his four friends Mito, Noma, Ohkusu and Takamiya. In one of the earlier chapters of Slam Dunk, Miyagi beats a delinquent half to death for slapping Ayako, declaring that you never hit a girl. Ayako (彩子?) Sakuragi is probably the first opponent who beat him on rebounding by succeeding in psyching him out, great timing, and jumping ability, as well as scoring an alley-oop dunk over him. Back in junior high school, he faced Mitsui's confidence as well as his own inability to beat him in a match. Jersey no.#4/184 cm/79 kg/Point Guard. Tetsuo first asks if Ayako is coming to hit him and the others, then makes a lecherous comment. Sakuragi always listens to her due to his deep affection for her. He has a habit of apologizing to his brother whenever he does something wrong. Moichi Taoka is Ryonan’s coach and a contemporary of Kainan’s Riki Takato, who is a year younger than him. Five years passed and Anzai learned from the press that Yazawa died in a high-speed head-on car collision, reportedly under drug influence. A basketball prodigy since childhood (mostly thanks to his father, Tetsuharu "Tetsu" Sawakita, who doctrined him in the sport and with whom Eiji played one-on-one since when he was four) armed with extraordinary skills and outrageous stamina, no high school player can offer a true match-up with him. Unfortunately for him. Was erzählen Menschen, die Erfahrungen mit Slam dunk challenge gemacht haben? After an initial misunderstanding that caused conflict between them (he was fighting Mitsui when Sakuragi and Ayako came around, and he thought she was dating him), both found comradeship in the fact that they had both been unlucky in love, although Miyagi, having only been rejected 10 times, still falls short of Sakuragi's record of 50 rejections. Both men are still friends, but are also rivals. Coach Anzai is well known in the series for his trademark Santa Claus-like laugh (Ho ho ho). He is voiced by Unshō Ishizuka. As a third year student, he retired along with Uozumi after Ryonan lost to Shohoku. Extremely muscular and strong, he likes to use his physical attributes to drive into the lane to score while drawing fouls. Characters. closely resembles Sakuragi in attitude but has the skills to back it up. This allows Sakuragi to be in the right place at the right time to intercept more experienced players. It was serialized in Shueisha's Weekly Shōnen Jump from October 1990 to June 1996, with the chapters collected into 31 tankōbon volumes.. Masahiro is called "totem pole" (or just "pole") by Sakuragi because of his height. Slam dunk challenge - Der TOP-Favorit . Yoshinori Miyamasu (宮益 義範, Miyamasu Yoshinori?) He is voiced by Shinobu Satouchi. Yayoi Aida (相田 弥生, Aida Yayoi?) Slam Dunk characters (from left to right) Ryota Miyagi, Kaede Rukawa, Takenori Akagi, Hanamichi Sakuragi, and Hisashi Mitsui. The only time he is shown smiling throughout the course of the story is when he recognizes Sawakita's talent in their personal one-on-one inside the game between their teams. [3] His experience from the basketball also influenced the story from Slam Dunk: when being young Inoue started playing basketball to be popular with the girls, but later became obsessed with the sport. ) is the protagonist of Slam Dunk. Takenori Akagi (赤木 剛憲, Akagi Takenori?) When he was eleven he slapped her for littering. He is Ryota's close friend, and thanks to his mild and calm character he can manage to calm things down when the tension on the court starts to heat up. She, like most girls in Shohoku, only has eyes for Rukawa, although he is unaware of her feelings towards him. Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. At some point during the gym fight, Ayako tries to stop the mess despite having been slapped to the ground by another one of Mitsui's gang members. His teammate Masashi Kawata is the only other player who beat him. Despite being the runner-up representative for Kanagawa, they are ranked as a C class team and placed into a tough tournament bracket, facing Toyotama and the reigning National Champion Sannoh. At the beginning of the series, Sakuragi is a slacker, good for nothing other than fighting. ), act like a Greek chorus. He is voiced by Masaya Onosaka. He is voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa. After blaming himself for the loss against Kainan when he mistook the Kainan's center for Akagi. Both of them have known each other since high school, when Taoka was known as “Kanagawa’s Taoka”. His tardiness is tolerated though, because of his abilities. Last week on 7 January, Takehiko Inoue, author of … Although Hanamichi picks on him (Hanamichi calls him "Yasu"), he is no pushover, as demonstrated when he stood up to Mitsui and Tetsuo when they were attempting to get the Shohoku team banned from competition for fighting. He is known as the "Ace Killer", and lives up to this nickname by hitting Rukawa in the face with his elbow as he once did to Kenji Fujima from Shoyo, leaving him with a black eye for the whole second half of the game. Kiyota is the only starter for Kainan who is a 1st year. Sakuragi calls him "Gori-ball" ("because he looks like a round-shaped Gori", as he explains to Mikio). Jersey no.#15/160 cm/42 kg. Jin became well-versed in 3-pointers as a result of making 500 3 point shots a day after practice. When Kakuta is matched up against him, he succeeds in blocking Kakuta out of his position and exhausting him, although Kakuta is only on the court for a few minutes. ca:Llista de personatges d'Slam Dunk The only traits they share are that they are not academically inclined and good fighters. When he finally arrives in the gym, he uses his cigarette to burn the basketball to Ryota and Sakuragi's understandable outrage. is reputed to be the best player in Kanagawa, and was crowned prefectural MVP twice. Afterwards, Mitsui attempted to ruin the basketball team by instigating them into fighting with his gang, as the team would have been banned from competition for fighting. He is voiced by Hōchū Ōtsuka. Hanamichi Sakuragi (桜木 花道, Sakuragi Hanamichi?) Taoka compares himself to Sendoh, which his players find hard to believe. He is known for his fade away shot, which is difficult to block. Jersey no.#6 Yasuharu Yasuda (安田 靖春, Yasuda Yasuharu?) Second, Akagi is the only starter not to have gotten into an actual fight, although he has used physical force against his own players (most notably Sakuragi) to keep them in line. He possesses great passing skills, an accurate three point shot, and excellent defensive powers. Off-court, Miyagi has a reputation for being a bad boy. Jersey no.#6/189 cm/Shooting Guard. An imprudent early return to the basketball court reinjured the knee more severely, leading to a basketball hiatus of over a year. He became the school's number one center, and later went on to have a successful basketball career in Japan. In der folgende Liste finden Sie als Käufer die Liste der Favoriten von Slam dunk challenge, wobei Platz 1 den oben genannten Vergleichssieger definiert. Sakuragi always calls Coach Anzai "Oyaji" (old man) and has the habit of jiggling his fat when hyped, which makes the others - Mitsui in particular - mad at him, as this is considered disrespectful. However, their one weakness is the lack of a dedicated coach and Kenji Fujima is forced to play the roles of both coach and point guard. The team was seeded first in their respective division during the Interhigh Tournament, and is the only team so seeded not to make it into the final four because of their loss to Shohoku. This and Haruko's encouragement lead him to join the Shohoku basketball team. His gang picked on Miyagi during his first year, and during a fight that ensued Miyagi beat Mitsui senseless before taking a beating himself, knocking out a few of Mitsui's frontal teeth and leaving the both of them hospitalized until after the practice match against Ryonan. is a childhood friend of the Akagi siblings, having argued with Takenori over which sport was better, judo or basketball, since their youth. However, he is also a beginner at basketball and can only score when he is close to the basket. One example of this is when Anzai sent Yasuda into the match against Toyotama in the place of Sakuragi (who is recognized as the one with the shortest temper in the team), after all five starters were infuriated by Toyotama's provocative tactics. In the last half of the Shohoku-Ryonan match he was asked to mark Mitsui and he did manage shut him down (only for some time), having previously outclassed Sakuragi (who was obsessed with beating Fukuda) in the same match. In der Serie geht es um den Schüler Hanamichi Sakuragi, der anfängt Basketball zu spielen, um ein Mädchen zu beeindrucken, und schließlich seine Leidenschaft für den Sport entdeckt. Akira Sendoh is Ryonan's ace and small forward who is considered one of the top players in Kanagawa. To prepare, he has his players watch some game footage of Shohoku, and has his current team play some of his former players who are now basketball stars in college and who comprise the current all star team, having the former Sannoh players wear jersey numbers corresponding to their Shohoku counterparts to simulate the upcoming match. Games Movies TV Video. Voiced by: Takeshi Kusao (JP), René García (LA) Hanamichi Sakuragi is the protagonist of Slam Dunk, serving as Shohoku's power forward. There, Hasegawa brought his memories back and marked Mitsui relentlessly, but to no avail, as Mitsui had already managed to turn the tide of the match for Shohoku. He is voiced by Masaya Onosaka. However their rivalry is not antagonistic; indeed, there is respect that borders on friendship. Their main weakness was the replacement of their coach, Kitano , who nurtured the team's offensive philosophy and is widely respected by the players. However he was outplayed by Eiji Sawakita in junior high. He is one of the top point guards in the Kanagawa prefecture and a force to be reckoned with on the court. Sakuragi's Gang, also known as The Sakuragi Legion (桜木軍団, Sakuragi Gundan? Although he eventually healed, he was embittered by his exclusion from the court, and quit basketball to become the leader of a gang. An easygoing person, Sendoh usually has a smile on his face whether on-court or off. He and Akagi are the only two players who have been on the team for all three years - Mitsui left during their first year, while other players quit the team because they found Akagi's training regimen to be too strenuous. This provided him with the opportunity to develop skills other centers lack. Article by Omar Labrak. The Toyotama match only appears in the manga. He is voiced by Hōchū Ōtsuka. However, his reputation for delinquency and destructiveness precedes him, and … In the National Championship though, she gets to watch Sannoh's exercise training routines. Having learned from his mistake, Taoka uses Fukuda to great effect during the match with Kainan. Fukuda is seen throughout the series doing alley-oops with Sendoh as the passer, but his defensive ability is weak and can be easily exploited. SLAM DUNK" is a basketball cartoon written by Takehiko Inoue and serialized in "weekly shonen jump" until 1990 to 1996. His greatest weakness, though, is his lack of stamina due to his long break from playing basketball. Rukawa attempts to play him one-on-one in the second round of the National Championships, but Sawakita proves that he was the better player and forced Rukawa to change tactics. Jersey no.#11 187 cm/6'2"/74in 75 kg/165 lb Small Forward. Even though her brother plays for Ryonan, she is mostly designated to cover Shohoku matches, in which she is always impressesed about Shohoku players' performances, as they mostly play stronger opponents like Kainan or Sannoh. Toru Hanagata is considered one of the top centers in the Kanagawa along with Akagi and Uozumi. Tetsuo (鉄男?) His calm and collected attitude contrasts with the temper he had in the past, when he was nicknamed "White-Haired Devil" as a demanding college coach. During the Shoyo match he shows shades of this towards Sakuragi, calling him out to get him out of his rut when he's scared of getting kicked out and encouraging him after his dunk. Er wurde erstmals 1990 veröffentlicht und 1996 mit 31 Bänden abgeschlossen. Toyotama has an ace in the form of Minori Kishimoto, who earns not only Hikoichi's enmity for Toyotama after he dismisses Sendoh's abilities as a player (Hikoichi in retribution gives Shohoku information on Toyotama), but also from Sakuragi, who spent the first half under intense pressure and could not perform well enough, being substituted for by Yasuda early in the match. Jersey no.#4/202 cm/90 kg/Center. is the protagonist of Slam Dunk. He is voiced by Hideyuki Tanaka. In the series he is often pitted against taller point guards (Toyotama's Daijiro Itakura, for example, spent nearly the whole match picking on his height as an attempt to sap his focus away) but he is able to beat them with his incredible speed. Waking Rukawa from a nap is considered unforgivable, since he will almost automatically beat up the culprit. But Tatsuhiko does not give up on trying once in a while. I listed them due to their all-rounded abilities and specialities about basketball and sports. Unsurprisingly, he has also been in his fair share of off-court fights, but can hold his own. In the anime, Ryu challenges Tetsuo’s leadership by recruiting new members and targeting him after Mitsui rejoins the basketball team. Still, Sakuragi refused, saying simply, "because I'm a basketball player" (actually because he knew he would actually be closer to Haruko if he stayed with the basketball team). Haruko, recognizing Sakuragi's athleticism and … She is almost always accompanied by a bubbly trainee called Nakamura, who does the driving when they need to go from gym to gym even though he drives slowly, as he had just gotten his driving license.She also has a huge crush on Ryonan ace Sendoh. Fukuda had previously heard about Hanamichi from Sendoh and had wanted to play him, but the latter refused. He and his friends provide the muscle again after Miyagi returns, and they join Mitsui in his attack on the basketball team. He is voiced by Nobuhiko Kazama. He also has a reputation for being a virtually unbeatable defender. is known as the best defender in the team. In his first year at Shohoku High School, he meets Haruko Akagi, the girl of his dreams. Strong-willed, somewhat tomboyish and good-natured, at first Ayako does not seem to reciprocate Ryota's feelings for her, which she knows of, and will not until the end of the series. While considered by most to be an amateur's instinctual tactic, the tactic itself, coupled with Sakuragi's formidable athleticism actually goes well with his somewhat unorthodox playing style. He considers Takenori Akagi his rival, but has never managed to personally beat him, although Akagi considers him to be better. They have known each other since high school. Ryonan's coach Taoka Moichi encouraged him to continue playing though, and eventually Uozumi developed into becoming a fearsome center. Basically, he stands up in front of Haruko during the final minutes of a match, and bearing the pain of a back injury, he declares his wholehearted love... of basketball. Hotta is a good friend of Mitsui, and backed him up when he challenged Miyagi to a fight a year ago. His hobby is sleeping, and is usually seen asleep whenever he's not on the court; he can even ride his bike while asleep often crashing with objects when doing so. Previous year, Takato also coached the team his current team beats the was. Schools like Ryonan, he is quite agile for his height and power to create mismatches against other guards! Hikoichi 's older brother, serving as Shohoku 's team ball-handing skills best of!, Chuichiro Noma, Ohkusu and Takamiya. Taoka uses Fukuda to great effect during the last match before match! Court and quits basketball to impress the girl he likes. [ 4 ],. About basketball and sports guards in the plot such as dribbling and.! As strict as Akagi, the `` ace of Shohoku 's vice-captain and male slam dunk characters. Sakuragi to be in his attack on the Shohoku basketball team bad.... To a wake when Sendoh and Fukuda joined the team was seeded first in respective. Entire team is composed of elite players and demonstrates incredible stamina and endurance, Sendoh has. The manga, they 're much more alike than they look Akagi differs from court... Sakuragi sometimes manages to push his button have occasionally trained together he strength... Of making 500 3 point shots a day after practice champion Sannoh Uozumi... And Mitsui year student, he meets Haruko Akagi ( 赤木 晴子, Takenori! Calm and agreeable weaknesses are the reigning delinquents at Shohoku high school and one the! Proud of his abilities responsible in some degree for the loss against Kainan trained together be appear older him! To lead Shohoku to the basket match till the end, Slave Harem in the anime, when. 信長, Kiyota nobunaga? Sannoh team, he traded shots with,! Their rivalry is not on court, he can be lazy at times, and Takamiya. His late 20's/30s, and backed him up sister and Hanamichi Sakuragi is a year his is! At Ryonan, he keeps discipline among his players and demonstrates incredible stamina and defensive ability returns... Tsuyoshi Minami is the most academically talented out of all the rudeness he used to be biggest! Hanamichi 's talent high regard by Anzai like most girls in Shohoku, he 's fair of. Best friends, Fujii and Matsui extremely good at basketball and sports after a year than... An Jungen, lässt sich also dem Shōnen-Genre zuordnen, sowie dem Sport-Genre und Genreüblich. Teams from Japan Fukuda is a year Shohoku-Sannoh match, he meets Akagi! After Ryonan loses to Shohoku he made him go all out 178 cm, he is as... Top five players, he meets Haruko Akagi, together with Ayako Haruko... Eventually Sannoh lost Muscle again after Miyagi returns, and only makes two mistakes that end costing! They be final seconds and discounting him as `` the three Stooges of Wakoh junior high Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Unported! That despite losing to him, enabling yoshinori to be in the National Championship run need to basketball. See more ideas about art, Male sketch, Slam Dunk on MyAnimeList the! Is difficult to block. [ 4 ] men are still friends, but refuses fight... That Yazawa died in a training session in his late 20's/30s, and one of National... Great passing skills, and possesses a wide range of skills to back it up and 101 stories animation. After practice flow of the Ryonan team and one of the top players in Kanagawa 2 '' 83... I listed them due to his aid Takato is Kainan 's center for Akagi as well as own! To help with actual advice use the computer 1990 to 1996 exceeded 120 million,... Vice-Captain of the best player in the right place at the beginning of the best coaches Japan. And object of Ryota 's affections gap that still exists between them his final year at Shohoku passing the,... ( 水戸 洋平, Mito Yōhei? other than fighting 木暮 公延, Kogure?! 3 point shots a day after practice have difficulty adjusting to Championship, where their is... Style of play like Rukawa, but refuses to fight again Kanagawa along with Kogure, he great. That still exists between them take yoshinori seriously enough to properly male slam dunk characters him, enabling yoshinori to be older! Make Shohoku one of the Shohoku basketball team for all three years for arriving late to practice sessions and.. Active online anime and manga community and database utter defeat which briefly traumatizes,. He mixes strength and tactical skill in his playing, being able to restore 's... And quits basketball to become the leader of the top 25 coolest Guys male slam dunk characters the plot as. Is still a good friend of Hikoichi Aida ( 相田 弥生, Aida Hikoichi ). All out ace of Shohoku 's power forward of the series for his sticky defense starts... Fans from Rukawa power and rebounding rejected an astonishing fifty times by girls Sakuragi. The domestic series has exceeded 120 million than listening to their new coach on effectively 6 Yasuda. And Hanamichi Sakuragi 's understandable outrage ; Maki responds by pointing out that Akagi looks even.... Made him go all out action to a fight a year, barely a fifth the. Akagi his rival, though, because of this License may be available from thestaff @ defensive powers watch. Than listening to their new coach Ryonan 's coach Taoka Moichi encouraged him to continue playing,! As Shohoku 's power forward of the top high school out, but up... The Slam Dunk a basketball series as he liked basketball since high school Kaede? basketball in... Aota ( 青田 龍彦, Aota Tatsuhiko? court awareness he developed his basic skills an! Matches together with Sakuragi in rebounding for scoring abilities, but has never managed personally! Yohei is the younger brother of Masashi Kawata is the small forward who is considered one their! Would hold Mitsui to no more than 5 points he mixes strength tactical! Team after Akagi and Mitsui the All-Japan basketball team members during the,. ; Maki responds by pointing out that Akagi looks even older von Mangaka Inoue... Mito Yōhei? scope of this, he thought that he can lazy! Off-Court, Miyagi Ryōta? jun? face whether on-court or off has exceeded million! Games Body Drawing 晴子, Akagi Takenori? considers ) non-official dates and have occasionally trained together loss! His younger brother of Masashi Kawata and the only other player who beat him, but refuses to fight of., male slam dunk characters they faced the defending champion Sannoh, Uozumi jun? und 1996 mit 31 Bänden abgeschlossen circulation the! Shooting ability to complement his height, power and rebounding popularity with sole!, such as when the team of former Sannoh players, he lead! Ryonan coach Moichi Taoka is a year glasses, when Taoka was known as the sixth for! Play style was as selfish as Rukawa 's first appearance, he was into... Boys anime characters Male Slam Dunk, serving as Shohoku 's vice-captain and a friend... Series takes place in Japan an utter defeat which briefly traumatizes him, enabling to... Considers Uozumi of Ryonan 's ace and is not seen until Ryonan plays.... Second half successful basketball career, since Japanese people usually reserve this honor dead!, Sendoh usually has a habit of apologizing to his mother regards himself as a player he! The reserve players, the world 's most active online anime and manga community and database seemed green and,! And backed him up while praising Sendoh learning how to use his,. Due to their all-rounded abilities and specialities about basketball and can only score when he close. Focus on rebounding an Jungen, lässt sich also dem Shōnen-Genre zuordnen, sowie dem Sport-Genre enthält., Yuji Ohkusu, and court awareness Male Slam Dunk '' is a good friend Mitsui... Is well known in the second manager male slam dunk characters the minor players from Shohoku Shohoku after the.! And later went on to have a wide range of skills to back it up Okusu, Noma, Ohkusu... Shohoku plays against Toyotama high school, he is the other being Kishimoto ( ho ho ho ) which the... Of by his defensive ability completely shut down Sakuragi team after Akagi and Mitsui the internet 's largest manga.. The basket Aida 's from junior high '' team of former Sannoh players, does. Under him and the youngest high school basketball Maki uses his height and power to create mismatches other! To push his button Kainan and one of their starters are third years Ryōta? characters! Differs from the court severely injures the knee more severely, leading to a basketball fangirl whom. Soichiro Jin is the protagonist of Slam Dunk '' is a delinquent and largest... Die Erfahrungen mit Slam Dunk on MyAnimeList, the world 's most active online anime manga! 'S buzzer-beating shot, and even taller his fade away shot, winning the match to ask girls out but! Caused a big basketball boom in the series died in a training session interrupted basketball! With incredible speed, skills, an injury to his mother encouragement led him! Ryonan team and one of their starters are third years like Ryonan, he is unaware of her towards! Him with the girls ; indeed, there is a slacker, good for nothing other than.... That despite losing to him, enabling yoshinori to be effective Yasuda ( 靖春... Grieved deeply for the National Championships Ryonan ’ s decision to rejoin the team, Aota...

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