As I followed a line of rusty fenceposts along the broad ridge toward Meall an Odhar with mist enveloped the tops again. Moreover, I do summit camping at Munro level and I’m still not sure how good the Contrail is in a stiff breeze. Below and to the north was Rannoch Moor, I could see across the the vast open moorland to Buachaille Etive Mòr at the head of Glencoe, the Mamores and the unmistakeable bulk of Ben Nevis beyond. I was packed and on my way by 7:45am , the day was perfect, with blue skies and bright sunshine, as I wondered up the … Accommodation: wild camp. Camping Management Zones include a number of defined camping “permit areas” within which a number of permits are allocated. A clear 4×4 track from Ullapool can be followed to reach this bothy, which is marked on the Beinn Dearg & Loch Broom OS Map. I sat for a while had some food and took in the view. Should I avoid Mull for wild camping this weekend? Day 10: Whether you take the route over the moor or on the road via Ullapool, the route alternatives converge at Loch an Daimh before a long track section through to Oykel Bridge. You can build driving or walking route, find near city, hotel, driving directions, camping, paths or bicycle routes : Hotel: Royal Hotel, Argyll Hotel, Harbour Lights Bed , Ceilidh Place Ullapool, Caledonian Hotel, The Ferry Boat Inn, Riverside; and other places marked on detailed terrain map of Loch a' Chroisg. A Round of Loch an Daimh Mar 03 2013 posted in The Southeast Highlands The Fairy Glen and Upper Gairn Feb 17 2013 posted in The Cairngorms 2012 The Dubh-Ghleann Circuit Oct 21 2012 posted in The Cairngorms 2011 Loch Avon Overnighter - The Gear Then head East on tracks to Loch an Daimh, walking its length to reach Knockdamph. Looking down on the campsite and head of Loch An Daimh. We are a bit! Of course, the closest petrol station was having problems processing card transactions [the same place regularly runs out of diesel, as if somehow they don’t realise their primary role is to sell the stuff], so I had to take a not insignificant detour past Tesco instead. But was also thinking it might save me doing my other mats too. Dive] was in order. I picked a route up the steep loose slopes of Coire Ban, stopping often to let my lungs catch up. Skin out was just under 10kg. The seasonal Camping Management Byelaws have now finished until 1st March 2020. We also have analytics cookies to help us make website improvements. Please camp responsibly. Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park Authority The previous late night and day’s exertions saw me falling asleep without even putting my iPod on. It’s ok, UI is a bit frustrating at times though. Eventually, I dropped out of the mist again to see open peatland ahead with McNeish’s suggested route up and over Sron a Choire Chnapanich back toward the loch. Loch Earn – bank and boat fishing for brown and rainbow trout, char and the occasional sea trout. Much neater than putting stripes on the tent floor. Did you do a full review, is there anything more you can say about it re storm-worthiness, draught on the heid and the like?? I've now made three attempts at doing this route. RIVER EARN system including LOCH EARN. Name: Loch an Daimh, Highland Place type: Inland Water Location: Grid Ref: NH 2766 9437 • X/Y co-ords: 227664, 894379 • Lat/Long: 57.90539932,-4.91005024 I saw another deer carcass about halfway up, this one was particularly smelly, so I picked up the pace to escape it. [not pictured]. There is no charge for these types of groups to camp in a Camping Management Zone. I must also take Robins advice and stop my POE mat from sliding around in the bivy or on the ground sheet. I was putting off stopping for the last of my food until I got back to the car, but the view back along the loch opened out and I eventually stopped and ate what I had left whilst sat on a rock. In 2019, Adventurer Nic climbed all 282 Munro Mountains in 6 months over 95 outings and below is her index of Munro routes. From £7 per day for trout (£3 under 16s) – Boat hire 4hrs £21, 6hrs £26, 8hrs £31. Stuchd an Lochain (pronounced:stooch an lochan) is located east of Bridge of Balgie, to the south of the Loch an Daimh reservoir, within the long meandering Glen Lyon in Scotland. In order to protect some of our most cherished lochshores, byelaws covering camping and firelighting are in place in certain areas from March to September. The hills of Breadalbane to the south. Top class photos and hills. For walkers there are many Munros, Corbetts and low level options while anglers can enjoy river and loch trout fishing. Cnoc an Daimh is 132 metres high with a Contact . Reading stories of just how busy the likes of the NC500 etc is just now, was wondering how busy wild camping on Mull is likely to be. The initial climb is steep and boggy but the ridge traverse that follows around above the corrie cradling little Lochan nan Cat, is a delight, and the summit views are superb. Nice vest too! We were here 18 months ago, when we climbed Meall Bhidhe on the north side of the loch - it had been high summer then, green and pleasant. Back at the tent a whipped up some culinary delights with my battered Caldera Clone. Another confusing lochan. Back at the car, I changed into some clean clothes and took the long drive back out of Glen Lyon toward Aberfeldy, and then the tourist route back to Crieff. I still use my Akto in winter or at exposed altitude, although the Contrail could certainly have coped with summer camps up at Loch Etchachan for example, but you might need to re-pitch if the wind changes – not a huge deal if it’s dry, but if it’s raining you might be looking at your gear getting wet. Glad you’re enjoying it Alan! Since writing up my first trip, we've been to Loch an Daimh (1 night), Loch Laidon (2 nights) and a truly special Loch Maree Islands (3 nights). I didn’t manage to reach escape velocity until nearer 11am, due to pissing about trying to get fuel and assorted roadworks and traffic lights taking the piss. Funnily enough just bought my 1st pair of trail shoes. On the POE, get some McNet silicone sealant and put some thin stripes on the underside of the mat. If you’re not sure where in the National Park you would like to camp, our Lochs in the National Park guide might help. Loch a' Chroisg on GoogleMaps. I had a quick breakfast and packed up. While you do not need a permit to wild camp anywhere in the National Park until then, please camp responsibly and in accordance with the Scottish Outdoor Access Code. I woke at 5.15am with a nice breeze, just enough to keep the midges down. After making the cairn on Meall Cruinn, the views opened up all around, and the cloud began to give way to blue sky, although the haze of the past week remained to some extent. The route can be boggy in parts and is often combined with Stuchd an Lochain on the other side of the dam to make a full day. You may be forgiven for calling an early halt to the day and stopping at the bothy at Knockdamph (NH 286 954). Privacy Policy – Camping Booking System (157.0 KB), Callander Crags: from Glasgow by public transport, Eight great outdoors activities for families, How to camp responsibly as we ease out of lockdown, The Great Trossachs Forest National Nature Reserve, Top tips for enjoying the National Park responsibly, Permits cost £3 per tent or motorhome/campervan per night. It’s interesting to read how the cumulative chain of scientific discoveries going back over hundreds of years and in some cases back to the Ancient Greeks contribute to our current understanding of the universe. Organised groups such as Duke of Edinburgh, Scouts, and youth organisations, who wish to camp in a Camping Management Zone can apply online for permission. Looks like he had nice weather, it’s interesting to read his comments, sounds like he was thinking the same things I was at each stage too, except he took the McNeish route! Or possibly the same one, don’t ask me. Mainland Scotland is now in lockdown. By the way, what do you use to make the trail map? Unfortunately, even on the slightest of slopes, it would slide down the Contrail’s groundsheet, so I’ll need to have at the Contrail with some SilNet to rectify the problem. The Contrail: I’ve fancied this shelter for years and never really made the plunge. Please Think, Check and Plan ahead by going to our Advice to Visitors page. Warning… may want to visit them all! As it happens, there was no condensation issues, thanks to a stiff breeze and the draughty well ventilated Contrail, but I’d pulled my waterproof jacket over my sleeping bag, just in case. Cross the Rhidorroch River by the bridge at the Lodge and follow the path E towards Loch na Daimh till a path is picked up running N between Loch an Eilean and Clar Lochan. It was overcast, but the summits were clear and I had better views across the loch to the previous day’s summits. I took a compass bearing and picked a distant waypoint to head for, weaving through the peat, I probably walked, jumped and squelched through 2 miles worth of walking to make one 1 mile of actual forward progress. Find out more in our Advice for Visitors. Your photos put me right there. Looking back up at Sron a Choire Chnapanich, I still couldn’t see the route than McNeish was getting at. I’ve now made three attempts at doing this route. During this time, you need to either book into a campsite or use a permit to camp or (in some locations) to stay overnight in your motorhome in these Camping Management Zones. Pity it can’t be guyed out at all, it’s look such a great design otherwise. However I have been kicking around in the Roclites just to make sure. Or possibly the same one, don’t ask me. Hi Mark, I’m using Memory Map. You say it’s, ahem, well-ventilated. You can book up to 2 weeks in advance (summer 2020). Stuchd an Lochain. My rough plan for Friday, was to climb the Munro of Leabaidh an Daimh, and then find a high camp on the Ben Avon plateau or at the Sneck. . That should stop it sliding about. Carrochan The Contrail is tempting because of the weight, speed of pitching and then I just like tents anyway…. Once you cross the river and climb up towards Loch an Daimh, the worst is over. Permit areas provide the opportunity to have a ‘wild camping’ experience in popular parts of the National Park and have no formal facilities, so please make sure you come prepared. I swung past the summit, not bothering to touch the summit cairn, the hill was done, no need to touch a pile of stones to prove the point. I pitched up and went for a wander with the camera. As I climbed, I managed to get my bearings in relation to some of the distant hills. Hear pronunciation Press to hear pronunciation. You can find how and why, as well as how to manage them on your device, in our Privacy & Cookie Policy. Very good combination to see. Over Rannoch Forest and Moor to Buachaille Etive Mòr. Pack weight including food and camera equipment was about 7.4kg. Looking down on the campsite and head of Loch An Daimh. If you already have another tent and want other options, I say go for it, but I wouldn’t want to rely on it as my only shelter. Loch an Fhionn Loch an Leathiad Bhuain, dark and mysterious. Looking forward to reading your next trip. It doesn’t sound too good though… It would make for a long day, but I’ve no interest in list ticking anyway, I do this for the solitude, so a halfway camp at the head of the loch [mh=vee, so pron. There was a clear blue sky, and some cloud inversion in the valley. Well worth reading. But I don’t think I’d be prepared to trade that for having to camp low. Although a Munro, has an advantage of being 1300ft above sea level. , Surely 16 years warrants a free meal in Montrose if nothing else…, the pics are so beautiful and clear and i feel like i was actually there! Currently reading about wormholes and superluminal travel which is frying my noggin as usual. Carn an Daimh Bhain is 626 metres First time, I turned up in stalking season and decided I didn’t like the idea of getting shot by a toff with a rifle. Carrochan Road Thanks for the advice, Fraser. This guy did your round in one day! The new mat works a treat! As I climbed it became apparent that there would be no view from the summit of Stuchd an Lochain. From Tuesday 5 January, mainland Scotland will move from Level 4 to a temporary Lockdown, with new guidance to stay at home except for essential purposes. glen lyon, loch an daimh, meall buidhe, overnighter, perthshire, stuchd an lochain. Another confusing lochan. I know from experience hills usually seem less steep once you’re actually on them, but I decided to skirt down toward the loch from the bealach regardless. This straightforward Munro makes a pleasant walk with good views over Loch an Daimh, the Trossachs, Rannoch Moor and the mountains further north on a clear day. . A late night on Saturday had ensured a late start, last minute packing and map printing, saw me leaving the house at 10:00am. I'm an experienced wild camper (not the vanlife sort), and have an opportunity to wild camp on Mull this weekend (unless new restrictions are introduced this week!). Loch an Fhionn Loch an Leathiad Bhuain, dark and mysterious. Sorry, the comment form is closed at this time. That was a more interesting way of climbing those two hills than I managed, I did one in the morning and the other in the afternoon both from the end of the road. Would be amazing on a clear moonlit night I reckon! Balloch The loch came into view, and further down the path became steeper and rockier. Thanks. . Great report Fraser, you must be spoilt for choice over there in Scotland. There’s room for improvement, but not without significant outlay. Looking at the photos the hills you walked make fine backpacking terrain. Snow transforms these hills and vast views are to be had from their summits. You doing the TGOC this year? Two remote lochs (Loch Lyon and Loch an Daimh) lie in the wild upper reaches of the glen and the hauntingly beautiful remnants of the ancient Caledonian forest are also visible. Stuchd an Lochain (translation:peak of the little loch) stands at a height of 960m/3150ft. It was similar weather as I remember but with a cold breeze just to keep things comfortable. Still well worth a visit regardless. Mad or what…:, Yes, McNeish is often not entirely explicit in his route descriptions…. Containing one deer carcass. Read up on. Three deer appeared on the distant Meall nan Aighean and watched as I headed east and downwind of them. As I climbed the steeper sections to the summit with the mist swirling below, I got a bit of vertigo, but I knew it was all in my head, so rationalised it and pressed on. Coffee and porridge were consumed watching mist drift over Loch Lyon and by 8am I was packed and away for a long day heading along the north side of Loch an Daimh. You’ll find permit areas within the camping management zones. Michio Kaku’s Parallel Worlds is a bit more pulpy but you might like that as well.

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