In Chapter 11's premium scene, it is mentioned that Vlad was one of Gaius's first disciples. After he sees your display of power, he tells you he won't follow Rheya anymore and will worship you instead if you let him live. He is the leader of a group of people dedicated to wiping out vampires, despite being one himself. Her fans love her for being The Vamp, and her character design, to the point many were requesting a chance to hook up with her.Her detractors hate her for being a subject of Double Standard by her supporters, since she is equally as evil, sadistic, and abusive as The Baron and Lester, but gets away with it because of her looks. The ritual begins when 18 year old Kerry finds herself pregnant and realizes her unborn baby is the target of a sinister plot. Priya Lacroix. In Book 2, Chapter 10, Adrian reveals that Vlad and Gaius would get up to all kinds of debauchery. The spelling of his last name differs. First Appearance Hair Color. And she brought Serafine and Dracula as character witnesses. Like Priya, he only agrees because it's a more practical way to control the feral problem. Unfortunately, this proved to be a terrible mistake because Gaius could still influence Scholar Jameson to wreak havoc in New York City. Your Character/AmyA new employee of Raines Corp. and the protagonist of the story All Girls Like Ponies: She owned a pony as a child. He reveals that he was born in 1753 and admits that while he hasn't done the math in a while, he isn't quite 300 years old yet. what deepest darkest secret does adrian hold? Lily Spencer. Weapon of Choice As Erik Balthazar, he brainwashes recruits into overzealous killers who kill any vampire on sight on the belief that they're all evil despite some evidence to the contrary. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from It is the writers job to help and guide the reader to care about the secondary characters, particularly for interactive stories like the ones in Choices where we are playing AS the main character. Graphic Depictions Of Violence; Kamilah Sayeed/Main Character (Bloodbound) Main Character (Bloodbound)/Original Character(s) Gaius Augustine & Main Character (Bloodbound) it is revealed that she betrayed the Council to Gaius. Later revealed to be the first person Rheya turned into a vampire. He was properly introduced in Chapter 9, only to be killed off in Chapter 10. Long Bob. As Xenocrates, he's revealed to have come from the 8th Century B.C. Everything that Vlad knows comes from Gaius. Customize your hair, outfits and character look. In the 1500s, Vlad managed to create a vampire cult around her. Books, books, and did I mention, books! TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. I love all things supernatural and romance, with shades of betrayal, danger, characters you love, and characters you love to hate. However, Amy can guess that there's more to her than meets the eye, especially after she has a vision with Rheya covered in blood. In Chapter 16, you have the option to spare him or stake him and kill him in your anger over Jax or Lily's death. After he was sentenced to death by sunlight exposure by the Council, he was kept in the Bloody Cellars, The Baron's prison, while awaiting his death sentence. It’s revealed in Book 2 she’s a bloodkeeper, a female human who when having come into contact with vampires is able to see the memories of all vampires. 400+ Major Character Death. Book 3, Chapter 16 He opposed Rheya's conquests upon witnessing her increasing brutality and put an end to her life when he felt there was no other choice. Cause of Death In Bloodbound Book 3 Chapter 16, It's revealed that Iola was killed by her own mother Rheya.,, The author who is stated to have had a fling that led to Vlad's fame is implied to be. Angst. •Cruel and Unusual Death: Rheya slamed Iola's head into a wall, crushing her skull. Vlad Tepes. He bought time for Amy, Adrian, Kamilah, and Jax to escape from Gaius by ambushing him, though at the cost of his own life as a result. Bound to an ancient pact, a family of unlimited power descend upon a small rural town to perform family ritual-human sacrifice. That’s wonderful, but the way Serafine and Dracula talk about it, is almost cult-like. Priya Lacroix. Main Character (Bloodbound) Lysimachus. In Chapter 15, he is among her followers at the Opera house and tries to stop you and your friends from reaching her. Choices: Stories You Play Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. With Eden Brolin, Justiin A. Davis, Eric Nelsen, Ross Wellinger. Fall in love, solve crimes and embark on epic fantasy adventures Pick your story from our constantly growing library with weekly chapter updates Control what happens next in immersive visual stories! [ILITW] Jocelyn Wu. I’m amazed. because of their increased risk of becoming Ferals, humanity has shunned and hunted vampires for centuries, controlling someone like a puppet, such as Banner Westbrook, She also appears as a client of Aisha's in, She shows just as much interest in Alex of ‘’. He is first seen in Book 2, Chapter 10. Alias. When you meet him for the first time, he is drawn to you. Taking the leap from reader to writer was an inevitable step for me and I've never looked back. Vlad Tepes He is the founder and leader of the Church of the First, and claims to be her greatest and most loyal follower. The characters and scenes blend beautifully together to provide a completely immersive story experience. 400+. After Vega is killed and his treachery exposed, Adrian proposes Jax to take his spot in the Council. Well this video took forever to upload lol Is Adrian hiding something from us? So thanks to Rheya the Order is truly done now. Bloodbound Blue Red (as a Vampire) A second time in book 2 with Jax, Amy and Adrian. Vlad has long black hair, pale skin, and bright blue eyes. He always wants to be the center of attention, always makes grand displays and extravagant provocations. You use his interest in you to get a moment of privacy with him to steal the Eye of Bathory from him. [ILITW] Ava Cunningham. Jax has short black hair, brown eyes and light beige skin. Ambiguously Human: It's first hinted … Adrian Raines/Main Character (Bloodbound) Main Character (Bloodbound) Adrian Raines. It took me a little while to really ‘get’ her, but by the end, I think she was the character I was the most deeply invested in, and whose character journey I was most moved by. [ILITW] Andy Kang. Series Info Rheya Apostolous. The full extent of his motives was revealed in Chapter 13, when it's revealed that he plotted to exterminate most of humanity with a. In Book 3, you and your friends run across him again when Rheya brings him over to join her cause. DraculaDrac (By you, BK3, Ch.15; determinant) Tags. Vlad Tepes He was killed by Gaius, who recorded the event live in order to goad the clan vampires into joining him and hunt down the gang. Kamilah Sayeed/Main Character (Bloodbound) Kamilah Sayeed. From the incredible art to our well crafted writing, everything created for Choices is done so with the goal of transporting you into the world of Choices stories. Vlad is charming, seductive, arrogant, egotistical yet wise. Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence. Tags. Staked by Your Character With the first casualty they showed, they aren't kidding about seriousness in this chapter lmao Also the password is Life. She is the first to vote in favor, and only agrees because it's a more practical way to control the feral problem. Dracula. Today's chapter was amazing!! It Lives in the Woods. , and is behind the first wave of feral attacks in New York City. Jax Matsuo. Gaius had relationships with most of his proteges, although his feelings for Rheya, Kamilah, and Adrian were the strongest.[1]. Kamilah Sayeed. He is found shirtless when held captive in the Bloody Cellars. Choices Main Character Transparents Masterlist. If she's still alive in Book 3, Chapter 16, she flees upon seeing a superpowered. Curly Bun *Only available via the closet Choice 3 Choose outfit. Rheya Apostolous In Book 3, Chapter 5, Rheya brings him to your group to have him attest to her intentions. WOW THIS CHAPTER WAS GREAT!! If you spared him and collected all the Book 3 portrait fragments, he is seen in the epilogue, trying to advertise his new show in Las Vegas, but no one is interested. Cal Lowell. Just as it looks like she's about to die (complete with a message appearing reading "The End". Last Appearance Bloodbound Miscellaneous Characters. Serafine Dupont (Formerly)Your Character (Fling; Determinant) Priya Lacroix is this between the readers. Gaius Augustine/Main Character (Bloodbound) Gaius Augustine & Main Character (Bloodbound) Adrian Raines/Main Character (Bloodbound) Adrian Raines/Original Female Character(s) Gaius Augustine; Kamilah Sayeed; Adrian Raines; Jax Matsuo; Lily Spencer; Rheya (Bloodbound) Serafine Dupont; Redemption; Slow Burn; Slow Build; Slow Romance; Choices Vlad became obsessed by Rheya, the First Vampire, because of Gaius. Major Character Death; Adrian Raines/Main Character (Bloodbound) Summary. I'm curious to know what everyone thinks will be the plot of Bloodbound 3 (if it happens). Lily Spencer. It's revealed in Chapter 8 that Rheya murders the people she feeds off of, uses their blood to gain power, kills people without remorse and tries to mind control Adrian, Kamillah, Jax and Lily into killing Amy. Serafine … Long Straight*. He is also extremely wealthy and influential. Book 2, Chapter 10 Tropes related to the characters from the Choices Visual Novel Bloodbound. After Vega is killed and his treachery exposed, Adrian proposes Jax to take his spot in the Council. [ILITW] ILITW’s pets. Setup Choices. The last portrait fragment vision reveals that he had Gaius confined in an onyx sarcophagus but still alive in case he was needed. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Chic Bangs (15) Long Braids (15) Balayage Waves (15) Messy Half-Updo (15)*. prompting her to reveal Adrian's secret serum project to Adam and frame Adrian. I have two versions of a theory: Gaius becomes a backstage character for Bloodbound 2 and The Order becomes the main villain of Book 2. His eyes turn red and have sharp canines when he is in vampire state. impaled on the Tree of Eternal Life, which gave her her powers through its blood-like sap. Every 25 years, it begins. Romances ... QB may have been far from perfect but it gave us beautiful female characters who were the front and center of the story. Subverted at the end of Book 2 when she is turned into a vampire. With romance, drama, horror and more, Choices has the best collection of story games in the world! The bonus scene at the end of Chapter 16 reveals that he attacked Lily and caused the first feral attack before Vega used it for his own ends. If Amy chooses to confront and kill her in Chapter 15, she'll beg for mercy before getting killed. Vlad Tepes, more commonly known as Dracula, is a character in the Bloodbound series. He is the type of vampire to enjoy all kinds of debauchery. 12 notes. She grew up, got married and had a daughter of her own. Your Character :wine_glass: He is your boss and one of your potential love interests. [ILITW] Dan Pierce. Adrian says he is excessive but not a bad man and that while Vlad holds a lot of power, it goes hand in hand with his level of insight. Full Name. He tried to calm down your character when she found out that he was a vampire. However, at the end of Chapter 11, you discover that he has been feeding the Order information about certain vampires. His Katana is seen hanging behind his back. One choice can change everything! Kamilah Sayeed. Trending pages. He pleaded to his father to spare Rheya's life because he believed that her execution will incur the wrath of their gods. Allegiance •The Reveal: In Bloodbound Book 3 Chapter 14, it's revealed Iola survived and the Son of Ares kidnapped her as a child. In context, she thought the woman she killed was just a random woman, and didn't realize it was her own daughter (who faked her death). Short Curls. If Amy chooses to try saving him, the ferals grab him before he can make it into the cabinet, leaving behind only his arm. I regret nothing killing nicole, she deserved it. Or The book exposed vampires to the world. Age Choices: Stories You Play is a collection of Visual Novel Games released by Pixelberry Studios for iOS and Android. He has evaded them, flitting between multiple castles, and staying a step or two ahead of them. He becomes this for the second half of Book 1. while there is plenty of action in Bloodbound, the most satisfying reading involves being drawn into the emotional lives of the characters. Either way, you are successful in obtaining the Eye of Bathory. While it crafted an entire legend for himself and made him a household name, many European vampires were furious with him at the time. Gaius killed him by tearing his head from his body. Eye of Bathory Vlad Tepes. Eye Color in a very good sense, it is a 'quiet' fantasy. •Ambiguously Human: In Bloodbound Book 3, Chapter 14 it's revealed that Iola was the First Bloodkeeper. While not responsible of the clanless and the first ferals in New York, once Nicole tips him off about Adrian's serum project, he conspires with her to take down Adrian and get the serum. She was attacked by a vampire or Feral at the end of Chapter 4, needing to be rescued by Amy and Adrian. Kamilah gives you hemlock to drug his wine which would render him unconscious, or you can choose to become intimate with him. Directed by Richard LeMay. Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings. His fate depends on whether you choose to kill him or spare him in Book 3, Chapter 16. Status Pixelberry also created the games High School Story and Hollywood U Rising Stars.Additionally, the game shares some of the creators of Cause of Death and Surviving High School.The game was released on August 17, 2016 and is still releasing content to this day. Adrian and Fiona are secretly in love. In Book 1 Chapter 15, Adrian blows his head up after becoming stronger from coming into contact with rays from Amy's UV flashlight. Series Within just a few days, Nightbound and The Elementalists were canceled despite their relative popularity, Platinum was put on hiatus until August 22, and America's Most Eligible Book 3 was delayed until the Fall. Black She's been working with Adam against Adrian to steal the serum. [ILITW] Lily Ortiz. Consider, for an example of this type of situation done correctly, the death of Queen Adriana in Crown and the Flame. In the beginning, Kamilah and Adrian believe that Vlad has been a thorn in the Order's side for centuries. With this, Gaius would become the main villain of Book 3. When she returns in Book 3, she claims that she wants a world where humans and vampires and coexist peacefully, helps to rebuild New York after the events of Book 2 and seems to inspire everyone she comes across. she's revealed to have come back from the dead. Gaius Augustine … Myers, and I have an addiction. [ILITW] Connor Green. Though not the perpetrator of the first wave of feral attacks, he took advantage of it to strengthen his power base, launched the feral attack on the Awakening Ball by turning Adrian's employees into ferals, and framed Adrian for the attack that led to his imprisonment. Adrian Raines. In Jameson's notes in a premium scene of Book 2, Chapter 2, it is spelled "Teppes", while in Chapters 10 and 11, it is spelled "Tepes". As per Pixelberry’s rule to avoid spoilers, any new books will only have the new clothes if it was already seen in the chapters itself. Subverted in Book 3, when she comes back from the dead after Amy becomes a vampire. He also serves as this in Book 2. Determinant In a lot of ways, I think her final monologue about how pain is the price of love, is the thesis of Bloodbound as a whole. Personality Hair Color Tropes related to the characters from the Choices Visual Novel Bloodbound. Good to know that there's a book 2. They have never mentioned it before. The summer period, especially late July and early August, is considered the worst period of 2019. Full Name some have objected to 'love triangles', but this one involves not just the heart, but adherence to duty and tradition. CharmingSeductive In Book 2, Chapter 10, Adrian reveals that Vlad had a fling with Serafine. Drac (By you, BK3, Ch.15; determinant) Eye Color. All* MC in Choices in one easy list! This category page contains all pages and sub-categories related to the "Bloodbound" series. Badass in a Nice Suit: Adrian, Kamilah and Adam, all of whom wear suits and are badass vampires. When he first appears, he wears a black lacy long shirt that shows his abs, leather pants, and a necklace that contains the Eye of Bathory. was the psychic woman scared? Age. [ILITW] ILITW’s kids. It's first hinted that Adrian briefly sees something off about Amy, while still on the serum's influence. Alias Between Jax, Amy and Lily can occur in Chapter 11, the first in all Choices books. Jax Matsuo. He is wearing a maroon leather jacket over a black tank top. In the bonus scene of Book 1, Gaius and Jameson imply in their conversation that nobody has noticed yet her true nature. bloodbound choices stories you play choices choices adrian mc x adrian adrian x mc adrian raines choices we play playchoices favoriteliweek. I'm USA Today Bestselling author J.L. Your Character (Bloodbound) Adrian Raines. If you choose to kill him in the final chapter, he won't protest, By killing Amy at the end of Book 2, forcing her love interest to turn her into a vampire, he was indirectly responsible for bringing Rheya back. She has this reaction when she finds out she was the one who killed her daughter Iola. Despite having being defeated and imprisoned by The Council in 1920, he has been orchestrating all the events of Book 1 through Jameson, directly responsible of the first feral cases, Lily's transformation, and the psychic tapestry fragments for Amy.

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