On the other hand, I have a tough time telling apart cars from the various American manufacturers throughout the 50’s an 60’s. Back in DC around this time Ted drove a 1970 GTO convertible. Models were produced with the Chrysler name until 1954, and again from 1990 to 1993. Fabulous car. Stainless steel exhaust pipes feed Flowmaster mufflers. Browse Category. A possibly enlightening comparison is to an Imperial that I have experience with: a 1967 Imperial Crown convertible, with styling penned by Lincoln Continental stylist Elwood Engel. It seemed to be a mundane car for such a wealthy family. The Online Imperial Club site (THE holy grail of info on these cars) has nearly every ad ever published. Offered By: Country Classic Cars Advertiser since 1993. Nice to see that this is a true “Curbside Classic” since it was spotted in a parking lot instead of at a car show. of glass. Fins tipped with rocket tail cones, each then ringed with multiple annular fins like a new-for-the-1950s guided missile; the “toilet seat” fake spare tire holder introduced in 1958; a bifurcated bumper reminiscent of the mouth of a bottom feeding fish – details, details, details, all of them weird and rather unattractive. Pfaff’s ultimate vision for his Imperial Speedster was to compress the land yacht into a sports car with the svelte proportions of a Shelby Cobra. The new two-dial instrument cluster and push-button shifter were pirated from a 1960 Chrysler and the chic rectangular steering wheel came from a ’60 Imperial. They are just so completely ridiculous, and if you’re going to have a car of this era, you might as well go all-out and embrace the crazy. The single light ’57 looks pretty freaky… like they designed it for the double but had to go with single at the last minute. You may remember the controls were in the dash. Viewed directly from the side, the excessive details mostly disappear and the car’s fundamental shape comes forward, and it is actually graceful. It seems as if the Imperial stylists were looking over the shoulders of the Cadillac stylists (via company spies??) 1959 59 CHRYSLER IMPERIAL CHROME DRIVER COWL TRIM NOZZLE GUTTER bezel oem LH. The car in the article may have been rear ended as the script on the deck lid was not on the 59. (first posted 11/18/2014. Stock-length doors consist of the front two-thirds of the original front doors married to the rear third of the ’59 back doors. Check price. When I purchased it a family of racoons were living in it. That’s was I was thinking. A late 50s Imperial convertible in turquoise or aqua blue. I noticed the same thing too. IMHO the Olds and Pontiac were the best from GM that year, only perhaps because the others were so excessive. Today you can stand on a street corner and watch all the little cookie cutter 4 door sedans and crew cab trucks go by, and not notice anything that stands out. >vIts a shame that they were always refered to as “Chrysler Imperials” as opposed to just “Imperial”. Not the same year, but I remember the one seen in Blade Runner. A long-term family preference for them, perhaps with a long-term relationship with a specific dealer who would replace the family’s cars on a regular basis, would explain that. While I’d prefer a ’61 Imperial, I certainly wouldn’t kick this one out of the garage! 1969 Oldsmobile Toronado: Swank ’60s style, Toyota reveals GR010 as Gazoo Racing looks to defend its Le Mans three-peat, Chip Foose reimagines the iconic Jaguar E-type – Ep. – lack of modern conveniences – power locks/windows A/C? The political situation at Chrysler Design was very problematic when Bill Schmidt was brought in from Mercury, to be the #2. It had one of Detroit’s best proportioned bodies of the late 1950s and a well-executed interior, wrapped around a modern drivetrain that was fundamentally sound enough for last for two more decades. 1953 CHRYSLER CROWN IMPERIAL LIMOUSINE C-59 - NO RESERVE Châssis n° 7816131 Moteur n° C53-8-70501 En 1953, Imperial désigne encore la série haut de gamme de Chrysler. Unfortunately, I’m not really a fan of any Chrysler product from 1957 through 1960. $129.99. ): Happy dealer photo, also eBay. In the fab ‘50s, when GM and Ford blessed America with tantalizing two-seaters, Chrysler failed to rise to that challenge. You certainly wouldn’t lose it in a parking lot, would you? You know that the approaching vehicle is a Ford/Chevy/Chrysler, etc even before you can clearly see it. The cranberry/maroon one pictured in the comments is just light enough to work well – any darker would be too dark. But the intervening years were difficult ones at Chrysler design. 47 vehicles matched Now showing page 1 of 4. The wild 1957-60 Imperials and their slightly toned down 1961-63 successors have received their fair share of criticism here for their wacky collection of styling features – tailfins, rocket pod taillights, free-standing headlights, “toilet seat” trunk lids – assembled in varying combinations over the years under Virgil Exner. Buick is my favorite (the only ’59 I like), as its the only GM ’59 that had a unity of design. I can’t remember whether it was a sedan or the sports car. Its quad podded headlights, huge horizontal grille bar with five wide teeth, bifurcated bumper, twin fender crowns-in-V’s, and domed hood topped by an Imperial eagle hood ornament make the aforementioned 1959 Cadillac’s nose look almost restrained in comparison. The rolled and pleated interior trim was replaced with more contemporary plaid cloth stitched by Shawn Paul at SPC Interiors. I’d take a ’57 first; as mentioned already, some facets on the ’59 seem changed for the sake of it, but all-in-all, this ’59 is all right with me. Free shipping. That the 62 and 63 models were toned down is very true. Moteur : Chrysler FirePower V8 331 Hemi (5,4 litres) developpe une puissance de 250 chevaux.

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